Tis’ The Season For Giving: Holiday Gift Guide For Everybody

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s getting colder, nights are cozier. There is cheer and joy spreading everywhere, and bright red and greens spread holiday cheer everywhere.

As you soak all this joy in you pause in horror and remember this isn’t just the season of cheer, but more importantly, it is the season of giving.

With long lists of loved ones that you cannot forget, the task of finding the right gifts for everyone is daunting. It is always so rewarding when you see the happiness on people’s faces from a gift that just fits them perfectly.

To help you out this holiday season, here is a list of possible presents to make the next few weeks of shopping a little bit easier.

When Dylan DeJohn, a sophomore business major, was asked what he would be getting for his girlfriend this holiday, he said, “I will let you know about that in three weeks.”

Significant others can always prove to be some of the hardest gifts to come up with. To help all the guys and girls out there here are some gift ideas that are sure to wow your partner.

Guys, girls love jewelry. The shinier the better, but to really impress her here are some unique ideas. If she really likes reading books a kindle is the gift that keeps on giving. It is portable light weight and something you will be able to see her get joy from for a long time. The standard Kindle Paperweight ranges from $80 to $120, so it is also a gift that won’t break the budget.

Another great option for a girlfriend is a purse. Instead of getting her the shiny piece of jewelry you may not always be able to see her wearing, a purse is something you can see her carry around everywhere.

Some great brands to choose from are Michael Kors and Tory Burch. She will be the envy of all her friends and it will all be because of you.

Each of these designers also sell specific watches, boots and other products which are just as much of a steal as a purse. Ladies both younger and older are loving these specific designers lately.

As hard as it is to buy a gift for a girlfriend, boyfriends can be just as difficult, if not more.

Genevieve Kobus, a marketing graduate student, said, “I got my boyfriend the new call of duty with a season pass and a one year Xbox live membership. I got this because I know how much guys love Call of Duty and I know the season pass can unlock all the maps for him!” Video games are always a great option for most guys.

If you’re guy isn’t a video game lover, don’t fret. A lot of guys find the task of shopping overwhelming, the holidays are a perfect time to help him out a bit. Use those Christmas and Hanukah deals to give his wardrobe a little help.

To release the inner kid in your man get him the HEX3App Tag Laser Blaster for IPhone and Android. It’s just like those nerf guns he used to love but with a high tech spin. He can play alone or with a friend. It turns a room into a virtual word through the iPhone and allows him to “laser” anything that comes his way. An awesome gift and something he’s sure to love.

Siblings can be either the easiest or hardest gifts to get. Nicole Comito, a senior art major said, “I’m not sure what I’m going to get my sister for Christmas yet, but I plan on going to the mall and looking in all of her favorite stores to find little things she will love.”

If you know your siblings, seek out their favorite store and buy something you know they would buy if they were there.

Another great option for a sibling is the gift that can benefit you both. Take them out to get food at their favorite place or try somewhere new together. Not only do you get to eat some great food, but after a long semester away from them, nothing is better than quality time over some good food.

Without a doubt the hardest gifts to get are for your parents. They have given you everything, they are paying for your education and it seems like anything you could get them they already have. Perhaps, do not think so much into it.

William Reynolds, IT Professor said, “The best gifts I have gotten from my kids are the home made ones. I already have everything, nothing beats original gifts I can brag to all my friends about.”

Something from the heart is what most parents appreciate. Chances are, your mother cooks for you every night you are home. Give her the night off and make a gourmet dinner for the family. Not only will she enjoy relaxing for the night but the food will taste even better to her. If cooking would be more punishment than gift to your mom, try buying her a spa package. This woman in your life has been working hard all year long, look up a local spa and pick out a massage and facial combo.

Even more difficult than mom might be dad. sells a set of four personalized pub beer glasses. Put his name on them and make him feel special after every beer he drinks. The set sells for $75.

If your dad is not a beer drinker, well then, what dad doesn’t own T-shirts with goofy sayings on them? To help with his silly obsession, sign him up for’s “Shirt of the Month” package.

Every month will send him a custom T-shirt, prices range from $50 for 3 months to $165 for 12 months. This is a gift that keeps on delivering, literally.

Now, the most important thing to remember when searching for a gift is what the person you are buying for is like. Are they musical? Artsy? Are they an outdoorsman or a chef? The best gifts are not the ones that break the bank, but the ones that say, “Wow this person took the time to really think about what I want.”