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Rock N’ Raise Event Exceeds Donation Goal

The Rock N’ Raise annual charity event raised $4,200 in the TV studio of the Jules L. Plangere Center for Communication building on Friday Feb. 20. All proceeds went to Hawk TV’s Relay for Life fund which benefits the American Cancer Society.

Rock N’ Raise is a competition between four bands who raise money and perform for a chance to win a grand prize. In the end, the band who raises the most money wins. The event was broadcasted live on Hawk TV and was also streamed live on WMCX

The original goal was $1,800, which was the amount that was raised last year. “It feels incredible to exceed our original goal,” said Alexis Morrison, a junior communication student and executive producer of Hawk TV. “Last year $1,800 was the most the event ever raised. So raising the bar to $3,900 is insane,” she continued. 

The four competing bands were Flammable Animals, Mood Days, Hurricane Season, and Goodbye Tiger. Each band individually raised money and had to sell at least 30 tickets. Goodbye Tiger was the winner. 

The grand prize this year was Avid Pro Tools, a $250 gift card to Russo music store in Asbury Park, and four hours of rehearsal time at Eight + Sixteen music studio in Bayville, NJ.    

“Lexi [Morrison] was a huge help in getting us involved with the show,” said Guy Battaglia, junior music industry student and lead singer of Flammable Animals. “It was also a good cause and a great event so we were happy to be a part of it,” he continued. 

“The main goal of this event was to have fun while raising money for Relay for Life and The American Cancer Society,” said Courtney Carr, a senior communication student and associate producer of Hawk TV.  “I really hope the students and faculty that attended the event learned more about Relay for Life and the amazing things that they do.”  

In addition to raising money for the American Cancer Society, the event also brought a sense of community to campus. “Rock N’ Raise brings together not just faculty and students from the communication department but we have had alumni come out to help support the cause as well,” said Aaron Furgason, communication professor and advisor of WMCX.  

“This event bonds current students, former students, and musicians both on and off campus,” said Michael Thomas, Associate Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. “Bringing people together and creating a sense of community is the definition of success. I also love to see Plangere so alive,” he continued. 

“You could feel the sense of community, energy and excitement in the Plangere lobby and TV studio. There was a tremendous vibe that’s difficult to explain to those not in attendance,” said advisor of Hawk TV and specialist professor of communication Robert Scott. “Everyone, from the student crew and the bands to the sponsors, attendees, and visiting alums and family members, was having a great time and serving an important cause,” Scott continued. 

Hawk TV began to put together the event this past December and has been hosting Rock N’ Raise for the last five years.  

Hawk TV has always been actively involved in Relay for Life here on campus because it’s such a great cause and as an organization, we wanted to plan an event that would help raise money for our team,” Carr explained. “Rock N Raise was the answer, and each year it’s been more and more successful in raising an incredible amount of money for relay.” 

Members of Hawk TV worked hard to make certain their set was impressive and of high quality for the event. 

“I was most excited for the sets that we built. We placed nails along rectangular wooden frames and weaved colored yarn into various patterns over top which served as the background for our main set. We lit each individual frame with a different color LED light bar,” said Olivia Caruso, a senior communication student and associate producer of Hawk TV. “I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy about something that I’ve created, but this turned out to be absolutely stunning. I just could not look away,” Caruso explained.  

Rock N’ Raise also displayed local musical talent. “The main goal was to raise as much money for charity as possible, but I also really wanted to celebrate the local music scene,” said Morrison. 

“There’s such great talent. I really tried to stress finding local talent and having local music industry businesses be our sponsors,” she continued. 

The charity event was beneficial to the bands that played. “One of the highlights was being on TV and being able to talk about our new EP, What Lies Beneath the Parkway North, that comes out this March,” said Patrick Napurano, a junior music industry student and bass player for Flammable Animals. 

  “When we arrived at the campus we were impressed. We didn’t realize we would be playing in a real TV studio,” said John Mosley, lead singer of Moon Days. 

In addition to the four main bands, there were also acoustic acts that played in between sets. These acts included Jimmy Law & Steen Schmidt, Jamie Coppa, Carter Henry, and June Cannon. 

“The event was a tremendous success. Not only did the students put together a spectacular event with great musical acts, but they raised an impressive amount of money for the American Cancer Society and reminded the community of Relay For Life’s ongoing efforts,” explained Scott. 

Sponsors for the event included The Saint, Speak Into My Goodeye, Russo music, Noble Media, Lakehouse Recording Studio, Avid Pro Tools, and Eight + Sixteen music studio. 

PHOTO COURTESY of Robert Scott