Fall Fashion

2015’s Hottest Fall Fashions

It’s that time of year again. Classes have begun and our days spent at the beach are numbered. Luckily, for us they really aren’t. But we can no longer sport our favorite bikinis down by Pier Village. Fall is here and not only does that mean it time to order a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks, but it means cozying up in all the fall essentials. For those that aren’t fashion fanatics, New York Fashion week usually occurs during the month of September each year. The designers’ collections set the tone for the season. Fall fashion for 2015 may give you some déjàvu. This season’s trends have drawn inspiration from a variety of trends and eras making it more adaptable for anyone’s personal style.  

Once the crisp fall air makes its way into our atmosphere, it definitely feels as though it is about time to start bundling up. Say farewell to the struggle of finding a stylish coat to keep you warm on chilly days. According to InStyle Magazine, capes are officially the new jackets. They come in a variety of shapes and prints making them the perfect match for anyone’s personality. If your goal is to look as though you just stepped off of the runway this fall, capes may be exactly what you are looking for to bring your wardrobe to the next level. 

As previously mentioned, fashion this fall is very influenced by the past. The runways were packed with references from the ‘70s. In the Harper Bazaar’s fall 2015 style trend report, they issued a photo of fashion icon, Olivia Palermo dressed head-to-toe in suede alluding to the reawakening of ‘70s style. The era of the ‘70s consisted of flares, fringe, and suede in fashion. During this time period, musicians were not only the voice of this generation, but they also inspired much of the fashion during this time. 

Professor Maria Ciezak, an adjunct communication professor who works with musicians on a daily basis for the WRAT 95.9 FM radio station, she finds that much of her inspiration for fashion comes from musicians. Although, we draw many of our ideas from the style gurus of the runway, musicians have an impact on current trends as well. 

Rebecca Leone, a sophomore business student said that she attempts to emulate many of singer Vanessa Hudgens’ looks. “While shopping, I sometimes google her style to get an idea of what is currently on trend. I really love the bohemian look and Vanessa definitely knows how to pull it off,” said Leone. Although, the bohemian trend is nothing new in the fashion world, it has become even more popular for this fall and is also reminiscent of ‘70s fashion.  

Another trend falling under the bohemian category this fall are floppy hats. This accessory is huge right now and will have you looking like a style guru. They come in an array of colors and sizes making it easy to find one that fits one’s style. 

 A fabric that is catching a lot of attention this fall is suede. Suede miniskirts and over-the-knee suede boots are now all the rage. These boots paired with either sweater dresses or jeans will make heads turn.   

 Denim will always be a must-have item for anyone and everyone. This fall, skinny jeans are not the only option, but flare jeans are back. Nicole Gallagher, a sophomore psychology student purchased her first pair of this denim silhouette and found them to be very flattering. “I love them. They are so slimming and look great with sneakers or flats,” said Gallagher.  

Although, there are many new or reemerging trends this season there will always be a few fall must-haves whenever this time of year comes around. The colors green, tan, maroon and gray paired with riding boots are must-have fall staples. “My favorite color for the fall is gray because I think it looks really great with statement jewelry,” said Professor Ciezak. 

When in doubt, throw on a basic gray shirt and a statement necklace with jeans for an effortlessly chic look. Gray is one of those colors next to black that is always flattering and in style. 

These fall 2015 trends will prompt you to take risks in your personal style this semester. As said by author Oscar Wilde, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” I hope you carry this mantra with you not only throughout this semester, but through all your fashion endeavors. 

IMAGE TAKEN from accessoriesmagazine.com