Pozycki Hall Outside

Pozycki Hall Opens for 2015-2016 Academic Year

Pozycki Hall was opened to the Monmouth community at the start of Fall 2015 semester as an addition to the Leon Hess Business School (LHBS) and the Kislak Real Estate Institute (KREI). The 2,000 square foot facility will provide increased academic and social space for the growing University community. 

According to Patricia Swannack, Vice President for Administrative Services, the hall has various features beneficial to the entire University. Pozycki Hall holds three large classrooms, and one computer lab. It exhibits two video conferencing rooms, and multiple open student lounges. It features a 175-seat auditorium, eight faculty offices, and four restrooms.

“Really lovely,” said Vice President Mary Anne Nagy, in regards to Pozycki Hall. “The building is beautiful and blends in exceptionally well with the rest of the architecture of the campus.” 

According Momna Ayub, a senior chemistry major, Pozycki Hall is a foot in the right direction for the LHBS. “Pozycki Hall is perfect for the business school. It has a corporate atmosphere. The windows provide natural lighting, so the building’s design resembles a modern corporation,” said Ayub.

Singh Multani, a first year earning his Masters in Business Administration, shared similar thoughts. 

“I think Pozycki Hall is much more modern than the building (Bey Hall) that it is connected to.” Pozycki Hall’s two story facility is linked to the north side of Bey Hall by a pedestrian passageway. Bey Hall was built over twenty years ago. 

The hall was named after Steve Pozycki, an alumnus from 73’. The building is in his honor due to his generous donations contributed to the University, and Pozycki Hall. 

Pozycki is the Founder and Chairman of SJP Properties, a New York based developing agency of large scale commercial and residential real estate, according to sjpproperties.com.

Pozycki Hall Chairs

Pozycki was not the only major contributor

. The University itself contributed 100,000 dollars to the cost. The project was opened to public donations, allowing other contributors to get parts of the hall named in their honor.

The plan for Pozycki Hall was filed in 2013. According to Swannack there are various factors that influence the establishment of new campus facilities. 

“There has to be a need determined and a funding source identified. Once those elements are in place a project committee is formed and ideas of what is needed discussed,” said Swannack. “Architects are engaged and a design team formed. The team works closely and extensively with an architect to design the building.  

Once plans are completed, municipal approval must be obtained as well as building permits. Depending on the size of a building additional approvals may be required,” she continued.

With the opening of Pozycki Hall, a closed off section of the commuter parking lot reopened to students. “We finally have the entire lot,” said Ayub, “although the construction didn’t take a lot of parking spaces, we could still feel the loss. Parking was horrible last year, I hope this year will be better.”

Pozycki Hall was constructed by DMR Architecture, a NJ-based construction firm specializing in sustainable architecture, and urban design. They were founded 24 years ago, and have vast experience in different project types. “The interior designs were fulfilled by the architectural firm as well as my staff. We selected and approved all colors, materials, as well as furniture,” said Swannack.

“The entire design of this building is very unique, but my favorite part is the balcony. It is a great way for students to get fresh air,” continued Multani

Along with an exterior terrace, the inside of Pozycki Hall has various singular features. The upper level hallway is partitioned with dark wooden barriers embellished with opaque screens of tall grass motifs, and both levels of Pozycki Hall are furnished with sleek arm chairs and a large array of glass walls and windows.

According to Swannack, other projects are underway. “The science building is currently undergoing a major renovation and a new stadium building has been submitted for approval,” said Swannack.

Overall, many students think that Pozycki was a contemporary idea that upgraded the campus. “Pozycki Hall is swanky,” said Junior, Political Science Major, Brianna Golden. “It’s a nice addition to the campus, I love it,” she said.