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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

SAB Announces Plans for a Trip to Philly for Students in March


The Student Activities Board will be sponsoring a trip to center city Philadelphia on March 2 and 3. Reservations for this trip began January 28 on the second floor of the Rebecca Stafford Student Center and the last full day to reserve your spot will be Monday, February 12. This trip includes one night in the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown and a coach bus ride that transports students from the University to Phil­adelphia.

Megan McGowan, Assistant Di­rector of Student Activities said, “This trip gives students the op­portunity to stay in a safe area of Philadelphia for a discounted rate.” According to McGowan, the hotel is typically very expensive but after collaborating with the Marriott by going through their group booking agent, prices could be discounted anywhere from 20 to 40 percent.

Christopher Preciose, a sopho­more studying business and an ac­tive member of SAB, was selling tickets in the Rebecca Stafford Stu­dent Center and said that students were very excited about the trip.

Genevieve Kobus, a junior study­ing business with a concentration in marketing and management, said, “The reason that I signed up for the trip is because I have never been to Philadelphia before and would re­ally like to see it. This is a good op­portunity to do that because the trip is very inexpensive and there is no itinerary set so I can see whatever I want to see.”

Preciose said, “This is a trip where students are free to do what they want in Philadelphia.” Activities in the area include The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, The Franklin Institute, The Philadelphia Zoo, The Philadelphia Art Museum, as well as the freedom to do other activities that are available in the city.

McGowan said, “Another high­light of this trip is that the bus is going to make a stop so students attending may buy a famous chees­esteak from Pat’s and Geno’s.” Stu­dents have the opportunity to try a world famous cheesesteak without having to worry about finding trans­portation to get to these restaurants themselves.

“I would really love to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. I would also like to try a famous cheese steak and see what the night­life is like in Philly,” said Kobus.

Sami Kofsky, a junior studying English and education said, “While I am in Philadelphia I am planning on going sight-seeing and taking ad­vantage of the fun restaurants and any other type of night life that is available.”

Kofsky said, “I decided to go on this trip because it was a really good deal for a night in Philadelphia and we have the freedom to do whatever we want while we are there. I usu­ally always try to take advantage of the SAB trips because they offer us great discounts.”

This trip costs $55 per person for a group of four, $75 per person for a group of three, $100 a person for a group of two, and $200 per person for one individual in a room. This trip is also available for guests of University students for a $15 addi­tional fee per non-MU student.

Kofsky, who has been involved with the Student Activities e-board for the past three years, said, “I al­ways encourage students to take advantage of everything that SAB offers. It is what will make your col­lege experience unique and mean­ingful. When we graduate we will not be able to get all of these great deals like we do as students.”

Kobus said, “I have not yet been able to experience a trip through the school before, however I have heard that they are a lot of fun and worth the money. I am very excited for this trip especially because I have never been to Philadelphia before.”

Louis Garbarini, a junior study­ing communication, said, “This is the first Philly Trip since I have been involved with SAB. We try to think of fun and different trips that the stu­dents would like to go on so this year we thought of Philly. Last semester we had a long weekend trip to Bos­ton, Salem, and Plymouth Rock.”

McGowan also said that trips in the past have been very success­ful, including the Spring Break trip to Disney last March. “In order to have successful trips, we must fill the minimum number of rooms. The turnout has to be high enough in or­der for the trip to be a success.”