Man Bun 1

What Exactly is a Man Bun?

Less then two years ago, if you were to hear that a guy was growing out a man bun, you would probably think it a little odd. Nowadays, it is a common trend for males. The man bun has skyrocketed in popularity since 2013 and become a regular hairstyle for men.  

So what is a man bun? A man bun is a type of long hairstyle that involves the tying of one’s hair into a single bun to be placed upon the crown of the head. A man bun is a very simple hairstyle that just requires the male to have long hair. The length of the hair is a big factor when deciding which type of man bun is desired—yes, there are different types. 

1. The Top Knot also known as “the Semi Bun”

The top knot man bun only uses the hair on the top of the head. The top knot does not use hair on the sides or back of the head. It’s also referred to as the semi bun because it only uses one third of the head’s hair, so the bun is smaller than the one that can be achieved with a full man bun. This type of man bun has also become quite popular as one can achieve a top knot in only a couple months of starting to grow out their hair. 

2. The Pineapple

Since the hair is tied on the center of the head, you don’t need as much hair length as with the a full man bun. Thus, you can tie a pineapple hairstyle with just a few months of growing out the hair (like a top knot), but also with longer hair so it is very versatile. 

3. The Undercut 

With this hairstyle, the hair on the back and the sides of the head is buzzed in an undercut haircut, which keeps the main focus on the man bun. The bun varies in size depending upon the males hair length. Essentially, the undercut is basically a Top knot bun but just with the unused back and side hair shaved. 

4. Full Man Bun

The full man bun is what would be considered the mother of all man buns. All the hair on the head, including the sides and back of the head, is used to tie one single bun on the crown area of the head. 

The full man bun is quite a popular hairstyle with hipsters, in which it’s common to combine a man bun with a beard for a dapper, manly look. 

In 2013, the trend of the man bun became very popular, however, males wearing their hair in buns has occurred for centuries. It can date back to the Romans, Samurais and Vikings. But nowadays, heartthrob celebrities like Leonardo Dicaprio, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Jared Leto have brought the bun for males back into popularity. 

Man Bun 2Though the man bun seems to be a hot trend at the moment, we all must keep in mind it is a fad. Fads are known to be short lived. The man bun has been referred to as the mullet of our generation countless times. “My dad had a mullet in the late 70’s when he was in high school, he always shakes his head whenever he looks at his school pictures,” said Tori Kelly, sophomore a health studies student.  

No one can tell when or if this trend will die out; maybe it won’t! Guys who decide to grow out there hair and rock the man bun just have to be wary that all the same was said for those frosted tips back in the 90’s! 

Brendan Greve, a political science senior said, “I think guys should just totally stay away from buns on their head. Leave that trend to girls, it’s too much.”

On the other hand, adjunct communication professor, Lindsay Corcione, said “Man buns are a personal choice, and if that’s a hairstyle a gentleman wants, that’s his decision..”