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Why Work Out When You Can Dance?

PRSSA Hosts Zumba Dance Fundraiser at Shore Fit Club


PRSSA held a Zumba fund­raiser at Shore Fit Club in West Long Branch on Monday, March 4, at 8:30 pm. Shore Fit offers a variety of classes like spinning, boot camps, Pilates, TRX and personal training. They are dedi­cated to making their members passionate about fitness and re­lay energetic motivation even if the work out gets intense.

The Zumba class was 90’s themed, playing only throw­backs for an hour and a half. PRSSA partnered with Shore Fit for this event to raise money for the club and an upcoming New Mexico conference trip for e-board members.

The event was $10 for non- Shore Fit members and $7 for members. Eighty percent of the profits went back to the club. It was a mixed ratio, half students and the other half non-students consisting of residents from the area who were already members of the fitness center.

“Its great that community members got out and supported PRSSA,” senior Alexis Brooke said. Brooke is in charge of the fundraising and events in the club. This means coordinating events, such as the Zumba fun­draiser, with local businesses. Shore Fit agreed to team up with Brooke and PRSSA to offer the Zumba night to non-members as well as their own members.

For those unfamiliar with Zumba, it’s a copyrighted work­out that has become sensational in many gyms, fitness classes and even has been made into workout videos. It combines dancing with working out, and fitness instruc­tors can create original dances to any playlist they wish. It can even serve as a place to socialize.

President of PRSSA Victoria Jordan says, “Outside of club meetings, it’s really nice to get out with other members and bond with them.”

Besides going to Zumba as a place to hang out while working out, it can help with weight loss. Since most people dread working out, Zumba replaces the stan­dard treadmill work out with a peppy assortment of leg and feet movement and twists, turns and squats. Better than a run-of-the-mill cardio session, this dance workout targets your whole body. What is beneficial is it does not really feel like you are working out. With Zumba, your cardio session is disguised as a party.

“It was my first time doing Zumba, but I had a lot of fun,” PRSSA secretary and senior, Emily Hunter, explains.

Since it was 90’s theme, clas­sics from the decade were played, such as, “That Girl is Poison” by Bell Biv Devo, “Barbie Girl” by Aqua and “Tearin up my Heart” by NSYNC. Some in attendance even dressed in 90’s style cloth­ing to add to the theme. The in­structors wore scrunchies to get in the groove of the decade.

Junior Dallas Lewis Bryant is a communication major and gener­al PRSSA member who attended the event. Dallas says, “I had a lot of fun listening and dancing to my favorite 90’s tunes, even though I couldn’t get the foot work down.”

After the dance session was over, the instructors gave every­one frozen towels to cool down. They also offered fresh straw­berry water to hydrate.

Due to a comfortable atmo­sphere at Shore Fit and both the community and club members coming out, the event proved to be enjoyable. If interested in finding out more about these kinds of events, one can attend the PRSSA general meetings ev­ery Wednesday at 3:00 pm in 234 Plangere. If interested in Shore Fit, they hold classes seven days a week as well as private classes. Their schedule can be found on­line.

PHOTO COURTESY of Zumba Fitness