Fall Carrer Day Front Page

Fall Career Day Brings Opportunities For Monmouth Students

Career Services hosted its annual Fall Career Day which gave students the opportunity to meet employers from a variety of job industries on Nov. 4 in the MAC (Multipurpose Activity Center).

In total, 114 employers visited the University, setting a new fall record. Employers from the healthcare, communication, social services, retail, government, non-profit, corporate, technology, and business industries gathered to meet hopeful students. The event was open to all students and alumni, and employers offered on-the-spot interviews to those seeking jobs or internships. Additionally, the event offered a free LinkedIn photo service by which students could take professional photos for their online profiles.

First held in Nov. of 1989, the event has evolved into a meeting ground for students and employers alike. The event featured local, regional, and national employers seeking new employees and interns. The employers offered part-time jobs, full-time jobs, or internships to students seeking a position.

Jeffrey Mass, the Assistant Dean of MU’s Career Services and coordinator of Fall Career Day, said that the event offered great opportunities to students. “Employers are able to meet with a very large and diverse number of students and potential job candidates in one place and time,” said Mass. “This is a very efficient hiring strategy. It also gives the employers a chance to advertise their ‘brand’ to the students.”

The 153,200 square-foot auditorium featured aisles of tables, each with the banner of a different company. Students were able to walk down the rows of tables and peruse the various employers. Additionally, each table had representatives from the respective company that spoke to students about the details of the company or the position sought. Many of the employers offered immediate interviews to students who were prepared with a resume.

Many of the employers got the opportunity to showcase the benefits of working at their companies. Most of the tables offered free pens, cups, and other memorabilia in order to create a welcoming environment for the potential employees.

Michael Levi, a sophomore business student, said that the event was beneficial, as it allowed him to meet a number of employers from his major. “The event was really great because a lot of business companies were there, and since I am a business major, this was great for me,” said Levi. “I am currently looking for an internship to get ahead of the curve, and although the event was very diverse, I noticed a lot of business and finance employers. Getting my name out there will definitely help me in the future. Seeing so many employers in one place is great.”

Notable companies included Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Target, Verizon Wireless, Walgreens, the Peace Corps, and a variety of other employers.

Malcolm Wilson, a sophomore health studies student, said that the event gave him the proper exposure he needed for future endeavors.

“I was able to introduce myself to a lot of health-related organizations,” said Wilson. “This was my first time here, and it was great for me to get head start on the job search. For the rest of my time here at MU, I am looking forward to building my resume and attending future Fall Career Days. This event was very beneficial and I encourage other students to attend.

Trish Ayende, a representative of Verizon Wireless, said that the Fall Career Day was a great way for students to get comfortable with talking to employers and other professionals, as this is an important aspect of attaining a job.

“The event offered great exposure for students because they got the opportunity to interact with different companies and different employers from all over the nation,” said Ayende. “It is important for students to get comfortable with the job interview process. The event was definitely beneficial for students because it gave many of them a first-hand experience of the job-search and what it is like to talk to people that already work at the company.”

Mass said that the event went smoothly, as the employers and students had a beneficial experience.

“Overall, the Fall Career Day was a huge success,” said Mass. “We had close to 450 students in attendance and all of them came well prepared. We received a lot of positive feedback from the employers too. Most of the recruiters commented on the students dress, preparedness, and overall engagement.”

For students that missed the Fall Career Day, the next event is held in April of the spring semester, when employers will visit the MAC for another round of interviews and discussion.

PHOTO COURTESY of Rich Felicetti