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Got Talent? 4/30

Greek Senate hosted the annual “Talent Show,” to mark the beginning of Greek Week. The talent show was hosted in Pollak Theater on April 21 at 9:30 pm.

The talent show consisted of eight acts from different fraternity and sorority organizations, including AOII (AOPi), Delta Tau Delta (DTD), Alpha Xi Delta (AXiD), Delta Phi Epsilon (DPhiE), Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE), Tau Delta Phi (TDP), Alpha Sigma Tau (AST) and Lambda Theta Alpha (LTA). The judges for the event were King Rice, coach of the men’s basketball team, Tom McCarthy of the Counseling and Psychological Services Office and Deanna Getty from the First Year Service Project.

The show began with hosts Mike Migliaro, a brother of Phi Psi and Megan Van Tine, a sister of ZTA, welcoming everyone to the 2014 Greek Week talent show. To start off the show, Migliaro and Van Tine announced the winners of the Greek week t-shirt contests. Because the theme of this year’s Greek Week was “holidays,” the contest was judged by the organization that represented their designated holiday the best and who created the best original design. The winners of the t-shirt contest were the brothers of TDPhi, which earned them 50 points towards Greek Week.

The winner of the overall event was the new fraternity on campus, Tau Delta Phi with the performance of Cinco de Mayo, giving them an additional 50 points in the Greek Week competition.

Second place was awarded to the sisters of Lambda Theta Alpha and their performance for Halloween. The sisters dressed up in scary, ripped up clothing and danced to songs such as Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

The brothers of TKE took third place for their skit of Fourth of July. Their skit was based off of America and the concept of freedom. Each of the brothers wore red, white and blue and performed songs that were related to America.

The sisters of Alpha Omicron Pi placed fourth with the medley of songs for Veterans Day, in which they dressed up as soldiers and performed songs that related to veterans and how they contributed to our country.

The brothers of DTD earned fifth place for their performance of “Chicken Fried,” by Zac Brown Band for their holiday, which was President’s Day.

Greek Senate Activities Chair, Joe D’Amico of TKE, organized the Talent Show. “All of the acts were fun and entertaining. Tau Delta Phi won it with their act. Their music was on point and they got the whole crowd into it,” said D’Amico.

Kelly Young, Greek Week Chair of AXiD, said, “I thought the idea of holidays as the theme for this year’s Greek Week was fun! We were able to be a lot more creative this year with our shirts and our talent show performance.”

“It took the whole year to plan out all of Greek Week. A lot of planning and organizing goes into the whole thing. I have been meeting with Jon Buchalski all year. My committee has helped me out so much as well I couldn’t have done any of this without them,” said D’Amico.

Towards the end of the show, the announcers explained that there would be a new form of social media being used for this year’s Greek Week. The Greek Senate had created a Twitter account, @MUGreekWeek2014, specifically used for information about the events that would be taking place. Before and after each event it would update students on which organizations were in what place.

According to Buchalski, the Assistant Director of Student Activities for Fraternity and Sorority, the show was an overall success. He said, “Pollak Theater was packed on the first night of Greek Week. Joe D’Amico planned an awesome week and wanted to kick it off right with a very exciting and fun event.”