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Meet and Greet with the Greeks

Semi-Annual Event held in Anacon

The semi-annual Meet the Greeks took place on Thursday, Jan. 23 at 9:30 pm in Anacon Hall. It was an opportunity for 300 students to meet members of all Greek Life organizations before formal recruitment which takes place next weekend.

Anacon Hall was flanked with tables, each one dedicated to a different fraternity or sorority.  It was an opportunity for all of Greek Life to gather together in one space. Interested students had the opportunity to visit each table which displayed various crafts, flags, letters, and clothing representing their organization.

There, interested students mingled with members of each fraternity or sorority, asking questions about recruitment and Greek Life as a whole. They also brought around a sheet to mark off each fraternity or sorority in order to be entered into an iPad raffle.

Most students were freshmen, but there were also sophomores and juniors that attended the event.

Junior political science major Rhianna Grossi said, “It was great to meet all the girls involved in Greek organizations and everyone answered all the questions I had.”

Junior health studies major Matt Buccino is a member of Phi Kappa Psi. He said, “Meet the Greeks is a great opportunity to interact with people you may have never seen on campus before. By talking to them for just a few minutes about your own experiences, you can change their minds about Greek Life.”

Senior communication major Christina Amascato has been a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon since her freshman year. She said, “Meet the Greeks is a really fun and enjoyable event not just for potential girls but for us as well. We get to meet different people and give them a preview of what we are all about. Hopefully, that will get them excited to register for round robin.” 

Jon Buchalski, Assistant Director of Student Activities for Fraternity and Sorority Life aided in making Meet the Greeks a successful event. He said, “The event is always a successful opportunity to get a little more information about our fraternity and sorority community.”

Even though the event was a success, Buchalski noted that the weather caused some last minute changes.

He said, “It was about the same turn out as the fall semester even though because of the snow storm we had to move locations to Anacon Hall in the Student Center. As our community grows, this event may not fit in the Student Center anymore.”

Guests were also able to watch performances by members of Lambda Theta Alpha and Alpha Kappa Alpha throughout the event.

Meet the Greeks was an opportunity for students to become familiar with Greek members before formal recruitment which will begin on Friday, Jan. 31.