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Students Perform at Open Mic Night

The Student Activities Board (SAB) teamed up with the Music Alliance to present Open Mic Night 2014. The event took place in the Rebecca Stafford Student Center (RSSC) Café on Jan. 31 at 7 pm.

Students were able to sing, read poetry or even perform stand-up comedy. Hot chocolate was also served for anyone attending or involved in the event.

SAB Vice President of Major Events Lucy Russo believes that between 10 – 15 people performed. Students were encouraged to sign up beforehand but walk-ups were also welcome.

President of the Music Alliance Andrew Boxman said he thought the event went well. “We had great involvement from students who came up to perform and a solid crowd that kept the night running smooth. A couple times we had people who had never done anything of the sort before actually [get] up and rocked it. It was nice to see and to be a part of,” he said.

SAB Advisor Megan McGowan said, “I was really happy that SAB was not only doing an open mic event but that they were going to be hosting the event with the Music Alliance. When student groups work on an event as a team it really brings the event to the next level.” McGowan was unable to attend the event but heard positive feedback from fellow peers and SAB members.

Boxman was the host of the event but also rapped several times throughout the night. “I knew I wanted to be a music  rapper [or] entertainer … [at] about the age of 13,” he said. “Writing raps was the most fun I could, and still can, have.”

Boxman also rapped alongside student Daniel McMorris. According to Boxman, the two became friends last year when they lived together in Birch Hall. “Dan used to rap back in high school and when he started hanging around me a lot more, free-styling, writing, etc., he got back into the swing of things and began spitting again,” said Boxman.

Some of the other performers included Rahmann McMillan, Rachael Thalheimer, Joseph Toscano, Emily Rose Tovw and Courtney Davis.

McMillian sang and danced to Michael Jackson’s hit “Rock With You,” while Thalheimer played the guitar and sang two songs, one original song, “Skinny B****es” and one cover of Zac Brown Band’s “Colder Weather.”

Thalheimer, a freshman social work major, said, “I wrote ‘Skinny B****es’ my junior year of high school. Everyone knows those stereotypical high school girls that don’t wear enough clothing for a public school system,” she said. She made the whole audience laugh and cheer with the lyrics of the song.

“I absolutely loved performing at open mic night,” she added. “Once I’m in front of an audience with my guitar in hand, all my worries go away. It’s who I am, I’m a performer.”  The freshman said this was the first open mic she has ever performed at the University before, but said that she would definitely perform in an event like this again.

President of SAB Ashley Bamonte said she absolutely loved the event. “Every open mic night that we have, including in the past years, are a huge success. It is a very unique event on campus and allows the students to show their talents and [it is] an opportunity for them to break out of their shell.”

Kylie Johnson, a freshman, attended the Open Mic Night 2014 because of her friends in SAB. “I think it’s creative. It’s a lot of original talent,” she said.

Russo explained that the only thing she would have done differently for the Open Mic Night 2014, would be to double check the schedule to ensure that there is no conflict with other programming. However, she continued to say that she cannot complain about the turnout at all. “I’m really impressed with the turnout and the talent at the event,” she said. “I hope people continue to express themselves at Monmouth and find that SAB always aims to provide that outlet for them through our events.”

PHOTO TAKEN by Jacklyn Kouefati