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Three Students Re-establish Lambdas at Monmouth

The University’s Greek organizations welcome the Pi chapter of Lambda Theta Phi (ΛΘΦ) Latin Fraternity Inc. back to their community after almost seven years of absence.

In 1975, Lambda Theta Phi became the first nationally recognized Latino Greek organization. On Feb. 28, 1993, the 12 founding brothers of Lambda Theta Phi’s Pi chapter came together and brought the organization to the University. The last brothers to be on campus were in 2008, until now.

The line brothers leading the fraternity’s reestablishment on campus include: Trever Carpenter, a junior health studies student; Jonathan Nunez, a junior criminal justice student; and Hauscar Holguin, a sophomore music student.

“The three of us are ready and excited for the opportunity to put in a lot of work to help our chapter expand and to show Monmouth University and the students what our fraternity is about,” said Carpenter. “In the short time that we have been brothers, we have raised money for charities, volunteered and, my favorite, saluted our way back onto Monmouth campus.”

Carpenter explained that the ideals Lambda Theta Phi holds are academic excellence, brotherhood, leadership, unity, and community service. During the reestablishment process, Carpenter and the other newest Pi chapter members were able to meet brothers from all over New Jersey who helped them learn about their organization. They were also able to meet with Lambda Theta Phi alumni of the University and “began to develop a brotherly bond with men that were established in their careers with children and family,” according to Carpenter.

The alumni of the University are excited to have their organization back on campus as well. One such alumnus is Joshua Medrano. Medrano became a member of Lambda Theta Phi in the spring of 1999 and is grateful for the experiences he encountered as a result.

“As a young man who was trying to navigate through life’s hardships, I leaned heavily on the support I received from not only Lambda Theta Phi but all of the Greek members on campus,” said Medrano. “As bonds forged and relationships developed, I remember graduating from Monmouth with a profound sense of gratitude and appreciation for all of the various cultures, races and religions that I was exposed to through my experience as a Greek member on campus.”

Medrano believes that bringing back the Pi chapter will bring back a little diversity to the University’s Greek community. “In my day, I believe other organizations on campus learned as much from Lambda Theta Phi as I did from them,” he said. “Having a diversified Greek community is vital to giving interested new members an opportunity to have options in finding the organization whom perspective new members can relate to.” 

Another individual who is looking forward to having Lambda Theta Phi back in the Greek Community is the University’s Assistant Director of Student Activities for Fraternity & Sorority Life, Jon Buchalski. Although Lambda Theta Phi was accepted to recolonize at the University prior to his start date, Buchalski was familiar with the organization and the men it attracts.

“I had worked with the organization at Rutgers and I knew that they were a strong group, especially for the male Latino student population,” Buchalski explained.  “They serve as a great option for our students interested in a culturally based Greek letter organization, especially with the increase of culturally based students at our university.  One of my goals for the community was to be able to provide options for every student at Monmouth to affiliate with a fraternity or sorority that best represents their own personal values.”

With three members initiated in the fall of 2014, the Pi chapter is now a fully functioning chapter. However, this is only the beginning for them. Carpenter explained that he and his brothers are currently focused on expanding the chapter, “as well as remaining visionary leaders to serve the good of the whole, and becoming leaders of the Latino Greek movement.”

“To date, this has been the best decision of my life and I’m proud to be a brother of Lambda Theta Phi,” said Carpenter. “The process of reestablishing the Pi chapter was well worth it, as me and my line brothers are passionate about getting Pi chapter back on its feet, becoming a strong entity and developing into one of the premier Greek organizations at Monmouth University.”

Brothers and alumni alike are happy to bring some diversity back to campus and eager to see what the future has in store. As Medrano explained, “Lambda Theta Phi definitely brings a unique style to Greek life on campus which I pray remains that way for years to come.”

Lambda Theta Phi joins Lambda Theta Alpha, Latin Sorority Inc., as one of the University’s heritage-based Greek organizations.

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