Thank You Monmouth For Being You

As another Thanksgiving day comes and passes, The Outlook editors reflected on what we are thankful for at Monmouth University. There are the obvious answers such as the men’s basketball team finishing third in the Advocare Invitational in Orlando, the beautiful landscape, and the occasional sighting of a hawk on campus.

With all this said, we would like to take some time and thank the administration for their dedication to the Monmouth community. The Outlook editors never once feel threatened or nervous about publishing a story because the University lets us write what we feel is important, whether it is good press or not.

An editor said, “I feel that the University respects our right to free speech. When there are tough questions that need to be answered administrators are usually transparent and helpful. I commend the University for the respect they have for student journalists.”

Although many of the editors agree that sometimes they receive backlash for writing in the opinions section, there is never malice. “I wrote a touchy article for the opinions section and received a letter from a faculty member who did not agree with my opinion. The letter did not say that my opinion was wrong; the faculty member just wanted to get their opinion on the matter out in the open as well,” said an editor.

The Outlook is also grateful for the numerous amount of clubs offered by the University. It is not normal to find clubs that encourage membership from all majors, but the University is a rare exception. Besides The Outlook, our editors are active members in the Outdoors Club, Students Advocating Girls Education, Greek Life, PRSSA, etc. The amount of clubs at the University appears limitless; If there’s not something for you, Monmouth lets you create it. In fact, The Outlook believes that the University encourages students to be members of multiple clubs on campus and look for ways to explore beyond their major.

The Outlook editors would also like to thank the faculty for going above and beyond their roles as professors. Whether it be through scheduling or securing internships, our advisors have helped us plan our years at Monmouth.

While discussing with friends at other colleges, The Outlook editors realized how incredibly attentive Monmouth University’s faculty is. “My professors and advisors have really helped me grow as a student and as a person throughout my time at MU. I’m honestly really appreciative of the dedication that so many faculty members put into their work and their students,” one editor said.

So thank you Monmouth. Thank you for your dedication towards the students and your ability to allow the students to grow.