How to Combat Cabin Fever

With winter weather finally setting in, it is difficult to think that the luxury of going outside without freezing will soon be gone. Cabin fever is a reality no one wants to face, and spending all that time indoors definitely takes its toll. With that in mind, there are many wonderful ways to keep warm and keep away the winter woes.

Being trapped indoors is less than ideal, and, let’s face it: it’s really easy to fall into a rut. But before starting that next season on Netflix, here are some other options that will keep one just as entertained if not more.

The first step towards combating cabin fever is having a positive outlook. By thinking of this well-deserved free time as a blessing instead of a curse, it is easier to look at what one can do as opposed to what one can’t.

A positive state of mind breeds creative thoughts; from there, finding ways to keep busy is simple. There are various ways to tackle cabin fever, and, depending on one’s interests, some may work better for others.

First, being constructive is a great way to keep busy. Exercise is a fantastic way to combat cabin fever. Endorphins resulting from a good workout can leave one in a positive mood for the rest of the day. Taking the time to exercise not only helps to form the best version of oneself, but easy indoor exercises like yoga, and the helpfulness of fitness Apps like Sworkit , make it possible to get in shape while confined to a small space.

If exercise seems too stressful (or painful), cleaning often kills time, and can improve ones mood when feeling down. Playing some music and cleaning up a space can really make the home a place to enjoy. Meaghan Wheeler, a junior, said, “I’ll go through my closet and clean out my clothes. It’s nice to start fresh and it passes the time.”

Another great way to be constructive at home is to cook a new recipe. Claude Taylor, Athletics Professor in Residence, said, “Pick recipes of stuff that you’ve never tried before that you’d like to try, and try to make it from scratch.” The process of cooking is time-consuming, and even has its own reward to reap when all is said and done.

For those who would rather do something more creative than constructive, some include coloring, drawing, and making crafts. The Internet has tons of ideas for useful, practical, and altogether amazing DIY projects.

Kelly Santoriello, a sophomore graphic design major, said, “Pinterest is where I find the best ideas for projects I want to do when I’m feeling bored.”

Having time off usually means a break from any kind of work, but keeping busy and keeping the mind sharp is a great way to defeat boredom. Reading, writing, and doing puzzles and brainteasers are an excellent way to broaden one’s intellect and stay on track. Even catching up on schoolwork will kill some time and leave some free time in the future.

For the person looking to relive the glory days, when hearing “snow-day” sparked joy and childlike wonder in their heart, nothing beats boredom more than making a good old-fashioned fort.

Gathering blankets and pillows to create a perfect cozy fortress, complete with snacks and an excellent film selection, one might never want winter to end.

After following some of these suggestions, you will come to enjoy being cooped up inside on frigid winter days.