Right Back at it Again

Returning to school from a month off may not seem like much. Weren’t we just here? However, with a new semester comes new classes, new professors and new opportunities. While we search for the familiar faces in each of our classes and around campus, we have moved on from our previous class settings and endeavor to find new experiences.

Soon I, as well as almost every senior, will be searching the real world for a job that is half as good as our time spent at the University. Other than making appearances at Homecoming next Fall, we will be leaving MU behind for a career that our professors have so adequately prepared us for.

Working on The Outlook staff is not new to me, however, taking on the role of Editor-In-Chief is. With one semester left in my Monmouth University career, I aim to make a lasting impression. For over 80 years, The Outlook has been a reliable source of University news for the entire campus and beyond, and I would like us to continue to grow our readership.

I have had the privilege of working under five incredible leaders since my involvement in The Outlook, each delivering something new and great to the publication. These leaders who I am lucky enough to call my friends have left behind a traditional news source while continuing to progress with modern journalism trends. I would like to continue their legacy by leaving behind a reputable source of information for students, faculty and the surrounding community while expanding our reach.

My goal, as well as the goal of The Outlook staff as a whole, is to deliver the most breaking and up-to-date news and serve the campus community with the latest information relevant to them. I aim to do this in the fastest and most effective way possible. That said, we are not only present in print around campus, but are constantly expanding our digital presence as well. We have developed pages on various social media forums and hope to grow our audience in that realm.

I have been afforded the opportunity of becoming Editor-in-Chief for a staff with brilliant minds and creative ideas. I aim to be a trusted and reliable leader for them, as well as any student who wishes to participate in our publication. Likewise, I would like to build our staff of not only talented editors, but aspiring journalists as well. Writing for a well-known and received publication such as The Outlook is a privilege open to all students of all majors.

It would be a great accomplishment to see students outside of the communication department contributing their ideas and writing to The Outlook. We attempt to cover stories from all campus departments, so the more academic diversity we have, the better our publication will be.

This includes readers and staff. If we can relate to more academic departments and clubs, I hope they will feel comfortable approaching us and submitting their own writing or story ideas. We are always open to interested students, whether they make a one-time contribution or simply request that we cover an event they may be involved in.

With a dedicated staff behind me, I am eager to take on the role of Editor-In-Chief. I am grateful for this opportunity to lead a legacy for a publication that has been named the best by the American Scholastic Press Association in the past, and I hope to regain the title once again.