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Making the World a Better Place with Circle K

With Open House occurring just this past week, there was one club that was more than happy to help out. Circle K International, is a club on campus that focuses primarily on service, leadership, and fellowship.

The students involved in this organization share a love of helping others and are also extremely supportive of one another.

In addition, this club not only encourages diversity in its members but also among the people and organizations that we provide service to.

Past service events on campus include: volunteering at Monmouth University’s Rain Garden and hosting therapy dogs, which allowed students to de-stress before finals and helped raise money for service dogs.

In addition to creating opportunities on campus, the club has also been involved with the Ronald McDonald House, Habitat for Humanity, Boys and Girls club, Make A Smile Foundation, March of Dimes walk, Rely for Life, and UNICEF. Along with helping non-profit and global organizations, the club also arranges various social events throughout the school year. This is extremely beneficial especially for new members, not only are they building confidence but also developing a group friends that will last a lifetime.

Circle K International also encourages their members to be social and to assume leadership roles within the club and in their own communities. Dr. Lisa Vetere (Professor of English) also stresses the importance of performing service, stating, “Students who do volunteer work, excel in their education.”

This is also an important factor in preparing students for the world after graduation—especially since these skills are valuable in the workplace as well. For example, one of the service events last semester included helping the elderly understand technology and navigate their own mobile devices.

Since technology is an essential in our daily lives, this didn’t feel like work. Instead members enjoyed spending time with these people and encouraging their confidence as well.

Another great thing about Circle K, besides the wide range of service opportunities, is the growth and confidence that each member achieves.

Luke Gould, social coordinator at Circle K states, “This club is so much more than service, leadership, and fellowship. It’s about family. This proves to be true based on the positive responses from our new members and continued support from the old.”

Moreover, Felicity Baker, member of Circle K, says “It’s all about exceeding the expectations of yourself, and for me personally, this couldn’t be more true. You’re helping others. And with these experiences, continue to build such a strong relationship with each club member.”

Circle K leaves a lasting positive impact on the students that decide to join. Confidence is built through making a difference in the lives of others.

Immediately, when people hear about a volunteer group—they think that it takes a lot of hard work and effort.

While this may be true for some of Circle K’s larger events, the majority of the service that we do is small, and the amount of joy you receive after doing something good, makes all the difference in the world.

photo courtesy of Katie Banfitch