Straw Poll 1

Political Science Club Straw Poll Displays Conflicting Outcomes

MU’s Political Science Club Adds to Political Awareness Through Latest Straw Poll

Straw Poll 1Monmouth University’s Political Science Club conducted a non-scientific straw poll this week to create excitement about the upcoming election, which is only six days away.

The straw poll turnout in the Monmouth community included 1,244 participants. Full-time faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, and staff members were all able to express their opinion on the 2016 election through the poll.

The Political Science Club members have been working diligently to raise awareness in the Monmouth community by expressing the importance of each vote and how people can contribute their voice to America’s great democracy through the act of voting.

Areebah Zia, a political science student, said, “I think its great what the Political Science Club is doing, it’s raising awareness and informing people who would not otherwise take part in politics, and bringing light to their constitutional right to vote.”


Straw Poll 2The club has also held debate watch parties where the community was invited to watch each presidential and vice presidential debate together on the University’s campus. They also held an event called “Rock The Vote!” where students could register to vote and acquire an absentee ballot if needed so they can conveniently vote from campus. Many students, staff, and faculty enjoyed the events, and like what the club is doing for the University.


Kevin Rooney, instructor of history, stated his take on the events held by the club, “I’m all for it, the Political Science Club definitely builds interest in Monmouth’s community.”

Each event found success in student involvement. Angela Ryan, a Senior Political Science student at Monmouth University and President of the Political Science club, said, “I really enjoy that we are doing all of this, the “Rock The Vote!” event, debate watch parties, and the straw poll, because it helps students get involved and act on how their future is shaped or changed. It’s great to see how students really want to get involved in this election.”

Straw Poll 3The members of the political science clubs’ main goal is to get the Monmouth Community more positively involved in politics, to bring people away from the negativity usually associated with this election season and show that their voice can be heard.

Many past elections have brought a bitterness and separation of communities because of conflicting ideas. This election is no different, it may even be considered one of the most intense and polarized elections The U.S. has ever experienced. Members of the Political Science Club have worked hard to turn a new leaf in the Monmouth Community.

Dr. Joseph Patten, Political Science professor, expressed his appreciation, “Students in the Political Science Club have been incredibly engaged and active in raising political awareness. They bring the spirit and positive vibes to campus. They’re a reminder that politics is supposed to be fun.”

The Political Science Club advocates for a positive and open mind when people approach voting. Many people stray away from the idea of politics and voting because of the negative atmosphere surrounding political ideology and the polarized system that has been created in the United States, and Monmouth County. This makes voters, especially young voters, think their ideas don’t matter and don’t express their opinion through America’s democracy. Voting is a civil right, everyone in the U.S. eligible to vote can be a part of decisions made nationally and locally.

Straw Poll 4Forming educated opinions and taking a stance through voting is one of the most powerful opportunities all American’s are given. The Political Science Club has worked tirelessly to make these facts the heard in the Monmouth Community, so the people of Monmouth University can be aware of the power they hold in local and national democracy as a whole, and how great it really is.

Political Science Professor Ryan Tetro states his opinion, “I think student awareness and involvement is so refreshing because I think in the current political environment, there is a disassociation, where young people feel like their vote doesn’t matter, and their opinions doesn’t matter, and they can’t change anything. Educating people is powerful.” The Political Science Club is doing just that, and has created a wonderful atmosphere for people to share ideas and express their rights through voting.

Awareness and positivity in democracy brings people together, which the Political Science Club has done for the Monmouth Community by spreading awareness through fun and positive activities. Positive change can happen, nationally and locally, where all voices can be heard. People are more involved, expressive, and excited during this 2016 election, thanks to the Political Science Club.