Student ID Discounts

It Pays to Be a Student: Discounts with Your ID

Being a college student means that you’re usually on a tight budget. Luckily, your Monmouth ID does not only get you into the dining hall, but it can provide you with some student discounts.

A lot of stores and businesses understand that college students are usually tight on money, so some offer a discount when you show your ID. Even if you’re not sure if you can get a student discount, there’s no harm in asking.

Tyler Kurywczak, a senior business management student, said, “I love student discounts, it’s less money I have to spend and more money in my pocket.”

If you’re someone who loves shopping, it’s easy to spend more than you can afford while you’re out shopping with friends. If you’re shopping at the Jersey Shore Outlets, which are only about 20 minutes from campus, don’t hesitate to pull out your student ID and ask for a discount.

Many nearby stores give discounts to students if you have your student ID as proof. You can get 10 percent off your purchase at J. Crew and Charlotte Russe, and 15 percent off at Kate Spade, just to name a few. The Outlets already have lowered prices and your student discount helps to make it even cheaper.

Senior English student Katrina Cordova said, “I think it’s good that these stores recognize that we want to dress well but we don’t have the money for it.”

Your student discount can come in handy when you’re at the Apple Store. Apple offers $200 off new Laptops for students. There are also student discounts on different brand products at Best Buy when you’re buying a laptop, so it doesn’t hurt to ask which brand offers a discount when you’re looking to make a big purchase like this.

Specialist Professor in public relations and communication, Mary Harris,  said, “Student discounts are a wonderful perk that I wish I had looked into more when I was in school. I would always take advantage of reduced movie theater tickets, but there are so many other perks now ranging from discounts to live shows to deals on admissions to museums and art galleries.”

The movie theater at the Monmouth Mall is only about 10 minutes from campus, which is perfect when you want to see the newest movies that are coming out. When you’re at the movies, the expenses add up. If you’re buying your ticket at the theater and show your student ID, they usually take a few dollars off the price. This allows you to save money on your ticket, and not feel guilty about splurging for overpriced popcorn.

There is also a salon on Ocean Boulevard in Long Branch called Tangled Up, that offers a discount not only to Monmouth students but also faculty. If you show them your Monmouth ID, they will take 20 percent off any salon services. Discounts like this are convenient for students, especially when you realize how much money you’re spending just to get your hair done. 

Amazon Prime is one of the most beneficial discounts a college student can get. If you sign up for an amazon account with your school email, you get six months of Prime free. This is perfect for students who want to buy their textbooks cheaper online. With Amazon Prime, you get free overnight shipping, which is perfect for those last-minute textbook purchases.

As a college student, we can sometimes find ourselves struggling to save our money. Luckily, our student IDs can help us stay on budget. Next time you are o ut shopping, don’t hesitate to ask if the store offers a student discount because every little bit helps when it comes to saving money.

PHOTO TAKEN by Amanda Gangidino