Time Management and Goals

How Time Management Helps you Achieve Goals

How can college students make time to focus on our goals in the midst of a busy semester? The answer is simple, but often ignored: time management. Time management is simply scheduling and pacing yourself, from when you work out, to when you study, to what time you can hang out with your friends and family.

While this doesn’t sound too difficult, without practicing correct time management, there is the possibility of crumbling under pressure.

However, once you get into the momentum and find a balance, it will become habitual and carry through your entire life, not just your college or career.

College is a stressful time, but life goes on and whatever seems like a big deal now will be a distant memory soon enough-so it isn’t worth the amount of anxiety we expel on current tasks.

So rather than stress over your next move, take the time and plan how you want things to go.

Travis Spencer, a freshman computer science student, stated, “My time management is setting up a routine for my entire week, so I always have a task that needs to be completed to keep me motivated.

Every day I set aside two hours for homework and have set tasks every other day of the week, from cleaning my room to doing the laundry on certain days.”

Having goals and aspirations and being passionate about them is great; however it’s important to break down each goal you have and give it a realistic timeline.

Yes, you will make mistakes, but that’s only human. Learning from your mistakes speaks volumes about your character as well as your resilience.

Spencer continued, “Managing yourself is all about setting goals that are not impossible, but can also be completed quickly. I believe it is good to be ambitious, but too many tasks can hurt you more than help you.”

Carlene Santos, a freshman business student with a concentration in real estate, said, “A lot of my time management revolves around a to-do list. I write everything I should do in my planner.”

Santos explained further, “I try to take my time in each endeavor I take on, and do so in hopes that I can comfortably cope with everything and not overload myself.

I have my passion and want to finish what I start, but I also don’t want to overwhelm myself unnecessarily.”

College is a crucial time for young adults and is a platform for students to build their resume, personality, and level of ambition.

But with that and time management, they must also be open-minded. Focus on your health, remember that one test grade does not define you, nor will it leave a blemish on your future.

Gill Eckert, an instructor in the computer science and software engineering department, said, “First, I think that your goals need to be clearly defined. Next, understand that pursuing a goal requires dedication to achieving the goal on an almost daily basis-a consistent building of small successes and sometimes failures. Planning and time management are key components along the way.

Finally, know that it is better to modify your goals rather than abandoning them. When you achieve one goal, pat yourself on the back, then get busy defining the next one”.

That being said, celebrate others’ successes, don’t have ill wishes on anybody, and praise people and share your happiness with others.

A positive outlook will not only favor you in the business world, but also in your everyday life.

In a world filled with negativity, it is our job to encourage positivity and balance in the lives of our younger generation in hopes that they pass it onto further generations.

Have self-confidence, and continuously reflect on yourself and celebrate your achievements.

Find a healthy balance of your school life as well as your family, friends, and work life. Continue to ward off any negative people or thoughts that bring any unconstructive energy into your life, and before you know it, success will prevail.

IMAGE TAKEN from nursecareersuccess.com