Student Scholarship Week 2017

Scholarship Week Returns in April

The University’s annual Student Scholarship Week will celebrate the academic accomplishments of its students from April 17-23. Throughout the week students display their scholarly contributions in various areas including research, writing, service learning, art, musical, and theater productions.

According to Dr. Laura Moriarty, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, the event is meant to be a celebration of student achievement. “The goal of Scholarship Week is to showcase and celebrate students’ academic work inside and outside of the classroom as well as highlight student-faculty collaboration, across the University,” she said.

In 2016, Scholarship Week showcased 46 events and over 700 student participants from all six schools of the University. Events highlighted student work and student-faculty collaboration across departments and disciplines, including musical performances, creative design displays, research presentations, and service learning presentations. The events included the Department of Psychology’s undergraduate research conference, and the Department of Communication’s research poster conference.

This year’s Scholarship Week will include an event sponsored by the University, titled Hawk Talks. According to Moriarty the event will highlight student scholarship across the University in Wilson Hall on Tuesday, April 18, 2017, from 5:00 – 8:00 PM.

In an email to the student body sent out yesterday, Moriarty wrote, “The Hawk Talks Event is intended to highlight the rich diversity of events offered during Student Scholarship Week by including student work from all academic disciplines, including graduate and undergraduate students, in one premiere interdisciplinary event. The event format will showcase student work through poster presentations and 5 to 7-minute TED-talk style presentations.”

Susan Pagano, a graduate public policy student, presented in last year’s conference. “Scholarship Week is important because it is an amazing opportunity for students to showcase what they’re working on,” said Pagano. “I participated last year, and it was a really great experience for me to share some of my work with other students, faculty, and staff.”

Pagano also noted that as a student, she doesn’t really get as many opportunities to attend conferences as she would like. She asserts that the event is a really fun and easy way to present in a conference-type atmosphere without having to leave campus. “Presenting your research is incredibly valuable and rewarding because you gain skills and experience that can be used for any future career,” she said.

In the past the event opens with a keynote speaker that discusses the importance of academic and scholarly achievement. Then, the students are given the opportunity to discuss and explain their research. Not only do students have the opportunity to complete their own work, but they can also collaborate with professors.

Last year, Elizabeth Ambos, Director of the Council on Undergraduate Research in Washington D.C., delivered a speech titled “Opening the Door: The Long Term Benefits of Undergraduate Research” in which she explained the countless benefits of conducting research.

“I would say that student scholarship week is important insofar that it encourages and incentivizes students to engage in serious research. When students write and publish their own original works, it helps them advance in their own academic careers,” said Kristen Jezycki, a senior marine biology student. “Moreover, it enhances the University’s profile as a leader in intellectual achievement, which is beneficial for all of us,” she added.

The committee urges the University community to attend the Scholarship Week events, as they are a celebration of academic excellence. “Students should be excited about participating in and attending events. It’s fun to see what your peers are learning about and working on in their classes and for your friends to come see what you’re doing,” said Pagano, who is assisting with this years Scholarship week preparations. “There will be all different types of events across campus, like performances, poster presentations, round-table discussions, and more, so there will be an event for everyone’s interests.”

PHOTO COURTESY of Chris Spiegel