Tyler Robinson Signed BHR

Tyler Robinson Gets Signed To Blue Hawk Records

Tyler Robinson, also known as Teddy, is the first rap artist to be signed to Monmouth University’s Student-Run record label, Blue Hawk Records. In the past four years that Blue Hawk Records has been operating, it has had a few rap artists represented on the various compilation albums. These artists included J Piff (James Porricelli, senior music industry student), Jax the Geenius (Jamier Gee, music industry recent graduate), and Trevon Bailey (sophomore biology student).

Blue Hawk Records has primarily been a label for indie rock bands and singer/song-writers based on the artists who have been on the past nine compilation albums. Robinson auditioned to be on the applied music industry class’ tenth compilation album a few weeks ago, and although the class did not see a place for him on the album, the e-board of the record label saw a great artist in the making.

“We are really excited to sign and work with someone who has already worked hard to make a name for himself as an artist,” said Dave DePaola, a senior music industry student and president of the record label. “We’re looking forward to advancing his career and marketing such a talented musician.”

Robinson is a sophomore music industry student and was a member of the MU basketball team last season; he was a big part of the iconic “Bench Mob” that became known nationwide. Robinson has played various events on campus since he began to focus on his career as a musician.

During his freshman year, Robinson was studying criminal justice and just recently changed his major to music industry. This new course of action was actually inspired by his inability to continue playing basketball because of his injuries. Music has always been a part of Robinson’s life. He said, “I’ve been writing forever and I grew up around music. When I told people  I wanted to be involved in music, they thought I was kidding.”

Now, Robinson has really taken off with his career. He has one mix tape out entitled Say Less: The Prequel, available anywhere you can get music. He has also opened for some big acts including Wale at Norva Theater in Norfolk, VA, and for PnB Rock in Morganville last summer.

Recently, artists such as J Cole, The Weekend and Drake have influenced Robinson. However, he believes it is important to “stretch your ear” and find influence from all kind of music. Robinson even explained that he felt like an “old soul” growing up because he always listened to old reggae music and 90’s artists like Wu-Tang Clan.

Robinson creates the majority of his own beats for his tracks, but has also collaborated with other artists such as Ty Jackson. He uses programs like Logic and Garage Band to put together tracks, but also uses piano parts for the synth in his music.

Last semester, Robinson took a group piano class with Dr. Gloria Rotella, the Director of Music Education and Applied Music Program. He said, “I owe a huge shout out to Doc! She taught me everything I know about piano and that has really helped me with my own music.” Teddy has explained that with his piano parts, he likes to “vibe out” and fun with it.

Robinson has been working on a lot of new music lately and tries to play as many shows as possible. He hopes to get back in the studio and record some new songs soon. Robinson is looking forward to working with Blue Hawk Records this semester. He states, “I’m really pumped about collaborating, playing shows, making music videos, and really continuing to market myself and the label.”

Aja Armstrong, a sophomore music industry student and the secretary of Blue Hawk Records, said, “I have personally made it a goal of mine to bring diversity to the record label,” she continues, “when I was a part of the applied industry class, I fought to have Trevon be a part of the album. It’s so exciting now to work with such a talented and versatile artist.”

Blue Hawk Records has many great ideas ready for Teddy and already has some shows on campus in the works. Follow Blue Hawk Records on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and follow Teddy on Instagram and Twitter @iamteddymusic.

IMAGE TAKEN by Anthony Cosentino