“And so the Adventure Begins…” | Jasmine Ramos’ Senior Goodbye

If my 15-year-old self saw how far I have gotten in my college career, and just knew what was ahead, she would not believe it. To be honest, my 19 year old Jasmine would believe this life belonged to someone else.

Although I have a semester left before graduation, getting this far has been a huge accomplishment for me. There were times when the dream became distant, and I still have moments where they still exist. However, I have had such a strong support team helping me that I will never know how to thank you for putting up with me. But that will not stop me from trying now.

Mom and Dad: I want to thank you for doing everything you could for me. Only God knows of all the sacrifices you two have committed to give me such a bright future. Mom, without you making sure I would get to school on time with you only having minutes to get to work to making sure my homework got done even if you didn’t understand. You are my wonder woman, and I will forever be grateful. You are the strongest person I know, and I hope I gain at least half of that. Thank you, Dad, for making sure I was happy and being my shoulder to cry on when times would get tough, which we all know have been many. I hope I gain the qualities you guys have and instill them into my kids one day.

EOF Program: Without you, I would have never experienced the life I did here at Monmouth. You were a blessing in disguise for my family and I. You rook a weight of my shoulder and sixty of theirs. I know I may have acted ungrateful but without this program, I would have never been able to grow as a person.

EOF Family: You guys are have seen me at my best and for sure have seen me at my worst. You never turned your back on me. You were the first people I met on campus and I did not believe them when they said we were to become a family. But we did. Some of you have gotten to know and experience more with me than many of my family members. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, as you people deserve the best.

Liz O’Brian: you became my Monmouth mom. You told me what was what, and never tried to sugar coat it. And even though I tried to hide from your life lessons, you were always right. I hope to take what you taught me into my adulthood life, no matter how much I try to avoid growing up.

Professor Schmidt: Thank you for believing in me and not giving up. You would give me an ear when I wanted to rant about how much work I had or would just let me come in for a piece of chocolate.

Professor Morano: At first, I didn’t understand the method behind your madness. But you pushed me into becoming a better writer and reporter. Through your classes and The Outlook, it ensured me that writing is what I loved. I appreciate your patience with me. Thank you.

The Outlook: You gave me a form of self-expression I knew I wanted but never had access to. For four years, it helped me learn about deadlines and organization. And although some days were better than others, it never gave up on me. Thank you for giving me a voice.

The Outlook Staff: I have told you repeatedly how much I love you. Your laughter, your dedication and persistence for the scoop made me want to be better. You inspire me. Danielle: you are patient and nurturing and you made a phenomenal EIC. Don’t ever stop. Amanda: your sweetness and sunshine would brighten up my day. Don’t let anyone take that away from you. Courtney: you always balance everything on your plate so well, keep up the dedication. Jammy: your inner activist spirit makes me want to go out and search for world peace. Everyone else: I adore your input to the rest of the group. Thank you.

Brendan: Other than being my co-editor, you became my friend. From our debates about politics, to watching ridiculous videos on YouTube. I can’t picture having this section with anyone else. I know you’re going to do big things out there. Business Mondays always.

Natorye: From sharing memes to music to the adventures with Gunther, we have built so many memories that I can’t narrow it down to just one favorite. You are the sister I’ve always wanted, and I can’t wait to see you working for Jay-Z at Roc Nation as a lawyer-model-marketing-manager just like you’ve said since Freshman year. Gang-Gang.

Emily, Cait, and Aaron: You became my family.. Whether it was to pick me up to hang, or just listen to me rant about my life struggles. I always knew I could count on you. Please stay this loving and caring.

Briana and Patrice: Hey guys, it’s your dad here. Although I am not always around, you know I still care about my children. I want to see you both do great things just like you are. Stay beautiful ladies.

Vicki, Aditi, Mariel, Alex, Nikki, Janaya: Thank you for bring my road trip friends. From Cape Cod to haunted bridges, to just rides to the beach. We’ve built excessively many memories together, and hears to many more. Bee Squad 4 Lyfe.

Lauren and Amanda: You two have easily won my entire heart forever. I don’t know what my senior year would have been if I didn’t decide to invade on your Disneyland trip in California. I will forever cherish dragging people, screaming, and talking about a certain sports team on campus. (Got to shoot our shots ladies.) Lauren, you taught me that crying does not solve everything and Amanda, you taught me it’s okay to express my emotions from time to time. Thanks for putting up with me. Ozzma Kappa Pier 311 forever.

To my future self: Keep going and keep trying. You got everything going for yourself. No matter how bad things get, just think about what you’ve gone through and how far you are now. Just remember, the future is so bright.

Thank you everyone.