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Blue Hawk Records: The Finish Line is in Sight || Entertainment

BHR Press Release 1West Long Branch, New Jersey – Blue Hawk Records (BHR) is a student-run record label which works out of West Long Branch’s Monmouth University. BHR was originally created as a club in 2013 to expose students to the hard work and dedication behind a fully operated record label. Teaming up with Lakehouse Recording studio in Asbury Park, BHR offers students jobs, internships, and many other opportunities to flourish in the music industry.

With just under a week until it’s big debut, Blue Hawk Records’ tenth compilation album, Hang Ten, is finished and ready to hit the public on April 19, 2017. All of the acts have been busy with last minute perfections to make sure this album is one to go down in the books. Successful albums have dedicated workers who work behind the scenes. Hang Ten was produced by students with the oversight of faculty member, Joe Rapolla.

BHR Press Release 2General manager of Hang Ten, Olivia Rohlfs, says, “I’m beyond ready for everyone to hear the rec-ord that we have been working so hard on since January. From holding auditions, to recording in the studio, and planning the release show, it has been one of the most exciting school projects that I’ve ever had my hands on. I can’t wait for everyone to finally hear the music that’s being made by talented artists that Monmouth should be celebrating.”

When creating an album, many artists stick to one vibe which flows throughout all the tracks. With this compilation album, six different acts created their own vibe for their song which, when put together, creates something so much more. Each act carries a distinctive ambiance though their song in which they share to their supporters.

BHR Press Release 3With the clock counting down, the acts, along with the students who helped produce the album, are sitting at the edge of their seats ready for the release. Each act has put their heart and soul into their song in hopes of many finding a connection with their lyrics and composition. In just a few short days, Hang Ten will hit the public. BHR is hosting a release show on April 19, the same day as the album’s debut, on the Residential Quad at 2:45 so grab your sunglasses, a good group of friends, and remember to hang ten.