“Don’t Worry About a Thing, ‘Cause Every Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright” | Jamilah McMillan’s Senior Goodbye

It pains me to write this because it means that I am nearing the end of a riveting installment in the series that is my life. Four years ago, my parents waved me off as I drove to class, for the first time in our families 8-passenger minivan. Any growth since that frightful day is due to the kindness and generosity of individuals who took the time to push me forward, or point me in the right direction. So please pardon me as I begin this drawn out letter of gratitude for those who deserve tremendous applause.

Mi Familia: Thank you to my dysfunctional clan who has put up with me over the last four years. Sorry for all the times that I missed a game, or a family dinner, because I was studying, doing homework, in class, at a conference, or hosting an event…or a protest. I love you all–you are my backbone.

Dr. Datta: Words cannot describe the short amount of time it took for you to make a tremendous impact in my life. You are my mentor, teacher, and friend. Thank you for helping me see my own potential for change; for helping me see the power of women and girls; and for helping me see the importance of education. Dhanyavaad.

Dr. Patten: You have always said that you are my number one fan. Thank you for always encouraging me to shoot high. I will try my best.

Professor Morano: You helped us become great editors so we could create a weekly publication that we could be proud of. Thank you for teaching and leading us.

Dr. Novek & Dr. Foster: Thank you both for being so supportive throughout the years. Your activism within Academia, is inspiring. Keep fighting the good fight.

Department of Political Science and Sociology: The unsettling things that I have learned in your classes will surely keep me conscious of the many injustices of the world. I thank you all for giving me the tools needed to see reality so that I may attempt to make a difference.

Anne & David at the DPC: The two of you are an unforgettable part of my Monmouth family. Thank you for always hearing me, teaching me, pardoning my mistakes, helping me turn my ideas into print, and enlarging my palate for various foods.

Janaya Lewinski: The flip to my flop. My day one. My ride or die. Thank you for dealing with my shenanigans. You’re a strong and intelligent black woman. You is smart. You is kind. You is important. I have no doubt that you are going to surpass your dreams.

Women of SAGE: You’re all trailblazers, activists, and changemakers. You have created a sisterhood on this campus that is proactive and reactive. You speak your minds, and you fight for a future where women’s rights are human rights, where all girls have access to education, and where women can go to college without the fear of rape. If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

Danielle Schipani: If there was a plaque of honor for the “most earnest person in the world” I would engrave your face on it. I feel blessed to call you my friend, because you are a wonderful person. Whatever life throws at you, throw it right back. Whatever comes next; know that I am your number one fan. I am sorry, but you are stuck with me for eternity. Thank you for entrusting me as your right hand. Those Tuesday nights were phenomenal. You are an amazing leader, writer, and role model. From this day forward if I ever hesitate about anything, I will mimic your gusto, and just say…PRINT IT!

Lo-lo Niesz and Amanda Drennan: Thank you for being your genuine selves and not giving any cares about what other people thought about you…EVER. I have learned so much from you both. You have taught me to appreciate basketball, baked goods, and living life to the fullest. I cannot wait to see where life takes you both, wherever it is I will surely be tuned in.

Ally Afanador: There are some people that you know will do great, because they are great. There are some people that you know will succeed at achieving their dreams, because they are already achieving their dreams. You are one of those people. You are an inspiration to all of us lost souls out there looking for purpose. Keep shining.

John Sorce: Johnny! You are a wonderful human being. When you came out into the world, I am sure the sun was shining, and the birds were chirping. Thank you for always being a solid support system within our crazy Outlook familia. Whenever Danielle and I were reaching our limits, you swooped in like a hawk. You. Are. Going. To. Do. Fine. Please remember the little people.

Courtney Buell: Courtney…Courtney…Courtney. You are talented, and you have so much potential. Since the day I first met you I knew you were unique. You look at the world, and you see it; stay woke. I know you will lead The Outlook to new heights, and that you will continue to be a source of checks-and-balances for the University community. Make us proud.

Amanda Gangidino: Hey Lifestyles. I hope all your dreams come true. Love you.

Caroline Mattise: You are a ray of sunshine. I love you. Keep smiling always.

Jasmine Ramos: I have known you since day one. You are more than just Outlook family, you are also EOF family. Thank you for always being a source of laughter, support, and clarity. Even when times were tough you still came through…literally. I cannot wait to see what you do next. See you at AfroPunk.

Brendan Greve: Political, racial, or gender differences do not muddle my fondness of you. You are a good person, and I am glad to have you as a friend. Good luck at law school.

Allison Perrine: You are undoubtedly talented, and everyone knows it. I have always secretly wanted to be as calm and collected as you. Thank you for being not only an amazing editor, but also an amazing study companion. I will graduate because of you! Thank you.

Sandy: Sandy, you are our guardian angel. Thank you for steering this ship. Without you we would be submerged in water. You are an amazing human being, and a fantastic role model. Thank you.

Brianna McCabe: I would not be writing this senior goodbye if it were not for you. You brought me into The Outlook, and you made sure I did not leave. Everything I have done as an editor has been through your example. So thank you. Thank you for helping me grow as a person, thank you for being there when we needed you, and thank you for being a friend.

Kelly Brockett: You helped steer us in the right direction. Thank you for your input and efforts. You have done so much for The Outlook, and we all really appreciate you.

The Outlook Family: Every single one of you has influenced my life in some way. You made the second half of college astoundingly enjoyable, entertaining, less stressful, and noteworthy. I will miss the late nights, the buckets of laughter, and the sound of keyboards typing away. Individually we were different, and together we were beautiful.