Welcome to the Family, Prospective Student…

Dear Prospective Student:

We, The Outlook Staff, want to welcome you to what could be the most incredible college experience in your lifetime. Deciding to go to Monmouth University will be the greatest life decision you make; trust us, we know from experience.

There is so much to love about being an MU student. It’s impossible to share with you every single thing that we cherish on this campus, but we can try. You’ve heard the commercials and we’re sure you have heard about how we are located right by the beach and have a to-die-for, beautiful campus (#7 on Buzzfeed’s Top 25 Most Beautiful Campuses in the World in 2015), but it doesn’t mean anything until you actually step foot on campus.

One editor claimed, “I immediately fell in love with the campus. It was close to the beach, it was beautiful, and everyone seemed so happy and nice. I knew that this was undoubtedly the place I needed to go to.”

Another editor added, “It isn’t just that you can sit on the beach and relax when it’s warm. There are a lot of good places to eat that are on the beach and you can also walk the boardwalk when it’s nice out near Pier Village and get ice cream at Strollo’s Lighthouse. There’s the typical stuff to do like most towns, but the beach as an everyday view is an added bonus.”

Besides what surrounds the campus, the campus itself is an absolute joy to be on as well. Some of our favorite buildings on campus are the OceanFirst Bank Center, Jules L. Plangere Center, and Wilson Hall. You tend to fall in love with the building you are in the most. For most editors, that means the Jules L. Plangere Center, which is the building for communication studies.

Waking up every morning and walking to class, you can be assured that you’re walking into a space where you get personalized attention and where people truly care about you. Editors agree that one of the best things about classes at Monmouth are the class sizes. One editor stated, “I love the small class sizes because the professors truly care about you and want you to succeed.”

At Monmouth, you are in charge of your own journey through your undergraduate or graduate studies. All of the people you meet, classes you take, and organizations you get involved in help shape and guide you along that journey.

One editor reminisced about how because he joined The Outlook, he got to fulfill a dream. He said, “The one thing that I really wanted to do here was meet Brad Brach, who is one of the few former Monmouth baseball players to have a successful career in Major League Baseball. Luckily for me, he (and Miles Austin, which was a nice bonus) was inducted to the Athletics Hall of Fame in December. I got to meet both of them, which, to me, was the coolest thing in the world. Without The Outlook, none of this would have happened.”

Another editor spoke about her MU experience, “I would not have grown into the same person if I chose to go somewhere else and I could not be happier with my decision. Studying abroad at MU was probably one of my favorite decisions. I made friends that I know will last a lifetime and I will forever be grateful for MU for providing me with that experience.”

The ball is in your court. Every decision to say hello to someone is a chance to make a new friend. Every choice to take a specific course could spark a new interest and inspire a major or minor decision. And each club or organization you choose to get involved in will have gargantuan positive impacts on your future.

There really is no better place than Monmouth University to start and complete your undergraduate or graduate studies. Take it from a staff that could not be happier with their decisions. Here at Monmouth, you’re not just a number; you are a part of our family. “Hawks Fly Together” …always.


The Outlook Staff