Welcome Back Provost

Welcome Back from the Provost

Dear Monmouth Hawks,

On behalf of the Office of Transformative Learning, I hope that your semester is off to a strong start. I would like to introduce to all of you the Transformative Ten (T10). This is a series of ten events designed to help you connect the major to prospective career options in preparation for life after Monmouth. This initiative is a direct response to student insights and, in particular, a result of the College Student Inventory (CSI) that is completed during the New Student Orientation. We are keenly aware that many students are concerned with exploring majors and determining career opportunities. The T10 brings together current and new programming for a complete portfolio of activities.

T10 activities are focused on developing your leadership, communication, problem solving, teamwork, digital literacy, and networking abilities. T10 events are available to all students. Attend and sign in at a minimum of three of the T10 events during the academic year and you will be invited to a capstone luncheon with a keynote speaker on employment/industry trends and networking opportunities.

Listed below is the T10 lineup and description of events:

The Transformative Ten (T10): My Major, My Career, My Life After Monmouth

Sophomore Start-Up (Scheduled for 9/28; 1:30-4:30pm; Wilson Hall Auditorium) – This event challenges sophomores to develop integral career skills in an “Amazing Race” style contest. Students will move from station to station, engaging in activities such as resume review, interview skills, personal branding and marketing, and digital profile refinement.

A Major Caffeine Buzz – This program presents a unique opportunity for undeclared students or those considering a change of major. Students will investigate potential majors through “speed-dating” style coffee meetings with faculty, exploring majors and how they connect to career paths. This event will also teach students how to cultivate mentors that can provide academic and career advice.

Internship Fair – Students network with industry professionals and recruiters in an effort find and secure their dream internship. This event is a must for students looking to fulfill their Experiential Education requirement, develop their resume, or build their network for self-exploration and career opportunities.

Fall and Spring Career Days – These events regularly bring more than 100 employers from business, government and non-profit organizations to campus. Students explore internships and employment opportunities through conversations with employer representatives.

Transformative Talks (2 Events) – This is a two-part series of discussions on issues related to the modern workforce. Tentative topics for this year include the impact of body language on daily and professional interactions, as well as a discussion on women in STEM careers.

Locke & Leadership: Applying the Liberal Arts to the Professional World – Alumni and trustees will be invited to serve as panelists to discuss their transformative experiences. In particular, panelists will share their stories on how their undergraduate and/or graduate degree(s) led to successful careers, civic engagement, and life-long learning.

Departmental/School Career Events – Department and/or school-sponsored events identified as participating in T10.

Capstone Luncheon -This prestigious event concludes the year’s activities with a celebratory luncheon for students who participated in the Transformative Ten series. Students will need to apply for an invitation by demonstrating what they have learned through the T10 events they have attended and how it will impact their life after Monmouth.

Keep an eye out for social media, flyers, the T10 logo and connect to these activities. For more information, please contact Anthony Urmey, Director of Transfer and Undeclared Services (aurmey@monmouth.edu; 732-571-4409).



Kathryn Kloby, Ph.D.

Vice Provost for Transformative Learning