10.04.17 Viewpoint 4

Campus Viewpoint 10-4-17

What’s your favorite part about the fall season?

10.04.17 Viewpoint 4

Tianna Fougeray

“Two of the best things about fall is when pumpkin spice flavored foods come back, and the return of cooler weather.”

10.04.17 Viewpoint 5

Dr. Dennis Rhoads
Professor of Biology

“I love coming back to my students and beginning the new semester, as well as seeing the leaves change color on campus.”

10.04.17 Viewpoint 6

Cristina Medlin

“I really like going to corn mazes, apple picking, and carving pumpkins around Halloween time.”

10.04.17 Viewpoint 7

Sophie Hans

“Like everyone else, I love doing fun fall activities such as pumpkin picking.”