Encouraging Success at Monmouth

Higher education is becoming a necessity for anyone who wants to fulfill any lifetime dreams. However, higher education shouldn’t just seem like a necessity, it should be filled with encouragement-inducing experiences and people.

At Monmouth, the largest encouragement-inducing experiences are the various things students can get involved in and the classes offered and the largest encouragement-inducing people are the faculty and staff. It is because of the entire experience that Monmouth provides us that I believe that Monmouth successfully prepares us to conquer our dreams.

Taking those general education courses with the course types such as “SS” or “GU” seem to be annoying class fillers that you want to just get done with. However, some of those classes inspire new interests that you may have never thought you were interested in. Sure, that may lead to an added major or minor, but it could also steer you into a completely new life dream.

The most important aspect at Monmouth for encouragement is the faculty and staff. Whether it is Jen in the Jules L. Plangere Center Café telling you to have an incredible day and that things will always get better, or a singular inspirational professor in your field that introduces you to a niche you never thought you fit in, there is always a positive and encouraging spirit on campus. Maybe it is heading to the Career Center and discussing what you want to do with your future and someone actually helping you through the steps.

It is important for us to really take into consideration what these faculty and staff see in us. It only takes one person to tell you they see potential in you for a seed to be planted in your head that you could succeed in a field you never saw yourself in.

This is the same for someone who has had the same dream their whole lives; each of us go through a phase where we don’t know if we are doing the right thing in our life. However, that is where these people that we come in contact with that have succeeded in the field we are aspiring to be in come in to help. We all need encouragement whether we are one hundred percent concrete in our dreams for the future or if we need a bit of searching.

Monmouth’s faculty and staff are the best for showing students that there are so many options that don’t just stop at Monmouth County, or even just at New Jersey in general. Just because Monmouth is local, doesn’t mean you have to stay local too. At Monmouth, we are encouraged to see the entire scope of our abilities. Faculty and staff show you that your degree can go incredibly far, literally and metaphorically.

Monmouth’s curriculum and faculty and staff truly support all dreams. Even for students who want to continue on to gain additional degrees that cannot be attained at Monmouth, faculty do their part in preparation, extra help, and reaching out to their own networks to ensure student future success.

I’ve never heard of a university’s faculty and staff go so out of their way to assure student happiness that is more effective and inspiring than that of Monmouth’s. We establish real connections and massive networks on our campus. It is because of this camaraderie and willingness to help that Monmouth is one of the greatest universities to attend for an encouraging and positive look into your own future.