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Suns Shoes Aiming to Make the World a Little Brighter

With all of the tragedy happening in recent years, one start-up company called SUNS Shoes is aiming to make the world a brighter and happier place for all.

Launched in the summer of 2017, SUNS Shoes set out the goal to kick-start a movement towards positivity in adults, teens and pre-teens who might not have the resources to do grand gestures for their community. SUNS focuses on encouraging positive thinking, gratitude, empathy, and random Acts of Kindness (AOKs) under their “BE KIND AND SHINE ON” rallying.

Holding open the door for someone, telling a friend how much they appreciate him or her, or even just helping a person in need are only a few ways to perform AOKs. The founders were inspired by research on how the community is affected and positive psychology of performing simple AOKs, and by the invigorating energy of the sun.

Shoes for both women and children, each style of SUNS is uniquely designed to transform when exposed to sunlight, shifting to more vibrant tones and patterns. Changes can occur in the canvas, rubber sidewall and laces of the shoes. The shoes may be completely white inside, but step into the sunlight and the shoes change to blue right before your eyes.

Ariana Murdocca, a junior communication student explained, “Just looking at them and watching them change color makes me happy.” However, the product itself is a shoe, the brand focuses significantly on the message behind it.

After the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, two young Boston locals, Kaya and Maddie wondered if the two bombers had more kindness in their lives maybe they would have never carried out such a heinous act. They remembered reading a news article about the two brothers disliking school and rarely getting along with their classmates. They thought, “Maybe if their formative years had been a different experience, would the outcome of that fateful day have been any different?”

SUNS Shoes 2With that idea in mind, they created a program called The Happy Institute which aimed at teaching children kindness and compassion within the classroom.

Today, it has expanded to anti-bullying as well. “I’m impressed with the brand’s cause-related mission to spread kindness and positivity, especially among children and young adults, a demographic where dealing with peer judgement and bullying is unfortunately prevalent,” specialist professor of communication, Mary Harris commented.

SUNS Shoes has teamed up with The Happy Institute to continue supporting their program so that this message of kindness may spread to more campuses nationwide.

“We looked around us and saw a lot of negativity in the world. It’s everywhere,” says Jeanette Kearney, one of the founders of SUNS. By influencing everyone to complete just one small act of kindness a day, SUNS will impact the world in an incredible way.

The brand additionally promotes kindness through their #AOKS on Instagram. Every week, their followers have an opportunity to win a free pair of shoes by simply doing something kind and posting about it on their social media with the hashtag. After hearing about this promotion, Professor Alexis Nulle stated that, “SUNS leads by example with the organization’s marketing strategy to promote acts of kindness. This is a model all organizations should follow to spread good will.”

“SUNS was founded to promote the little things we can all do to make the world a sunnier place. It’s about remembering the sunlight right behind the rain, and feeling empowered to always give kindness and warmth where we can to help make our world brighter each day. SUNS shoes change color in the sun as a reminder of the power of positivity on our lives.” says Karen Dana, General Manager of SUNS Shoes.

SUNS Shoes 3Currently being an intern for the brand, seeing the #AOKs our followers post for us to see is really inspiring. Their positive messages have definitely encouraged me to be mindful to do something kind every day because you never realize how a small act of kindness can make someone’s day tremendously better.

SUNS Shoes will continue to spread joy and happiness through their vibrant designs, quality footwear, and culture of kindness and positivity all over campuses nationwide. Perfect for the upcoming spring weather.

They are available online at Check them out on Instagram at @SUNSShoes for more encouragements of kindness!