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Words have the power to influence change and convey emotion. The power of the written word expands beyond just words printed on a page. Writers possess the ability to  provide a voice to the voiceless.

To embrace this power and hone this skill, students at Monmouth, regardless of their major, should get involved with the school’s student-run publication.

The variety of sections in The Outlook, such as News, Opinion, Lifestyles, Features, Club & Greek, Politics,  Viewpoints, and Sports provide the student body with the opportunity to write articles that coincide with their personal interests.

If you want to write about the latest fashion trends or Gourmet Dining’s cuisine, there’s a section for that at The Outlook.

While communication students are encouraged to write for The Outlook to fulfill their experiential education requirement, students from other disciplines offer valuable insights and additional perspectives to the newspaper. The editing process helps to ensure that the work submitted is free from error, which aids writers in building a professional portfolio.

Offering employers concrete examples of your skills at work has the potential to distinguish you from other applicants.

John Morano, faculty advisor to The Outlook and professor of journalism said, “The more you can say ‘yes’ to when on a job interview the more seriously you will be taken. An employer will be live that you’re worth the money because you have actual concrete examples of what you can do.”

Marie Soldo, a recent University graduate and active staff writer during her college career said, “Writing for The Outlook was such a positive experience for me and I couldn’t wait for Wednesday each week because it was Outlook day. I’ve had around forty articles published in The Outlook so in doing all those articles, my writing has improved.”

Soldo continued, “As far as professionally, over the summer I worked for the Two River Times in Red Bank and the editor was impressed with my portfolio of articles I’ve written and she loved how I wrote about a variety of topics.”

Kerry Breen, senior communication student and also the news and senior editor said, “Having a lot of writing samples has been really helpful because it shows a wide-range writing ability for different topics and publications, as well as a commitment to writing outside of academic requirements.”

The Outlook provides applicable real world experience while still in college. Committing yourself to writing a story on deadline helps develop efficient time management skills that are vital in every facet of life.

Zach Cosenza, junior communication student, as well as the current sports editor of The Outlook said, “My contributing and staff writers allow me to focus more on the design aspects of my section rather than writing content, which provides with me more time to balance my coursework. But I do believe that I am more organized because of my additional responsibilities due to my involvement with the newspaper.”

Matt DeLuca, a junior communication student and staff writer for the sports section feels that The Outlook has provided him with relevant experience to his field. “Being a staff writer has helped me to network with coaches and players in the Athletics Department.”

DeLuca continued, “I have gained relevant work experience in sports while writing for this publication.”

“You’re better off making mistakes while writing for your school newspaper, rather than when you’re working and you could potentially get fired for these mistakes.”

Become a part of an award-winning newspaper that has been the voice of Monmouth University since 1933. The Outlook is published weekly and is always seeking new writers and editors. Stop by the office located in the Plangere Center to find out how to take the next step in becoming a college journalist.

PHOTO TAKEN by Nicole Riddle