03.23.18 Viewpoint 5

Campus Viewpoint 03-23-18

What campus events are you looking forward to this spring?

03.23.18 Viewpoint 5

Olivia Mingino

“I’m looking forward to Springfest.”


 03.23.18 Viewpoint 6

Haley Gasparine

“One campus event I am looking forward to is the alumni panel that Hawk TV does every year.”

 03.23.18 Viewpoint 7

Bruce Wilson

“I am looking forward to Springfest, because we always have a major artist come to our University and it’s always a great time for students to hang out.”

 02.28.18 Viewpoint 8

Rich Crinigan


 03.23.18 Viewpoint 9

Dr. Michaels Phillips-Anderson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

“I’m looking forward to the Fake News Panel. I think it should be a good chance to find out what the media and President mean when they say something is fake news.”