Tony Lombardo

Tell Me Your Story: All About Tony Lombardo

Tony Lombardo of Forked River, NJ, is the epitome of a fighter. Lombaro is the son of immigrant parents and lived in Brooklyn, NY for a large portion of his life. However, his life changed when he was diagnosed at age 28 with multiple sclerosis (MS), right after the birth of his daughter.

“The first symptom was double vision, followed by dragging my left foot and leg as I walked. Eventually I started using a cane, and then a walker. I have been using a motorized wheelchair for 18 years,” he said.

MS is a nervous system disease that has the potential to affect the brain and spinal cord. It took doctors seven years to diagnose Lombardo, which was “emotionally taxing,” as one would imagine. 

Even though Lombardo was affected by this life altering illness, his story is one of strength and courage. Rather than letting MS hold him back, it instead propelled him to inspire others with his words of courage.

Lombardo learned from others’ challenges and tales of how they overcame obstacles and used them as “a means of paying it forward.” He established the social impact organization, “Let’s Hear Your Story” which takes in stories of courage and conquering setbacks and shares them on his website.

Lombardo is also the author of On Both Sides of the Fence…How to Successfully Lead a Fulfilling Life Despite the Presence of Any Physical Challenge, to share his story and convey the message to never let life’s obstacles hold you back. He has many plans to expand his initiative as well, and many other ideas with which he hopes he can inspire others.

John Buzza, specialist professor of management and decision sciences, is a good friend of Lombardo’s; he has been working with him for many years with his Small Business Management classes to help him expand and enhance his business with “Let’s Hear Your Story.”

“Tony Lombardo is an inspiration, not only to individuals with afflictions, but to anyone that will struggle with physical issues or demons at some point in their life. I have known Tony now for almost ten years and have seen first hand how it has made a difference in so many lives. Tony is a disciple from heaven-we need more Tony Lomabardo’s [in this world],” Buzza said.

Tianna Fougeray, a senior business administration student, is working with Lombardo’s group. “I really enjoyed working and revamping his brand this semester.” 

It is exciting to be able to work with someone who is fighting for such an incredible cause and so grateful to have other minds working to enhance his venture.

The public relations group is looking to reinvent Lombardo’s website and have plans to make some minor yet impactful changes to his brand and website and finding other opportunities that can help Lombardo expand his business.

Monmouth has a plethora of opportunities that students can use to help not only themselves, but also others in the community; the group is hoping to use some of their skills to help with Lombardo’s inspiring business venture.

Not only does Lombardo have a successful and opportune business, but he is also spreading an incredibly valuable message. Even with an illness that most could not even imagine having to live with, Lombardo is positive, upbeat and life loving. He greets everyone he meets with a smile and is inspired by those who have dealt with their own struggles, when he himself is an inspiration.

His “nuts-and-bolts” business, as he calls it, is made to lift up others, as many have done for him. Tom Wakeling, another member of “Tony’s Troop,” said, “Tony is a strong force to be reckoned with. He is a strong example to our team and all who come in contact with him.”

Lombardo is prided on the fact that he has never used MS as an excuse to remain stagnant, but has rather used it as a force to continue forward.

As Lombardo says, “Everyone has a story to tell. It takes someone strong to make someone strong.”

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