09.26.18 Viewpoint 1

Moments at Monmouth 09-26-18

09.26.18 Viewpoint 1

Members of the Surf Club enjoy the beautiful weather at the beach while they’re not in class.

PHOTO COURTESY of Addison Labar


 09.26.18 Viewpoint 2

Junior defensive lineman Kahari Scarlett having some fun on the field during the away game against the Princeton Tigers.

PHOTO TAKEN by Karlee Sell

 09.26.18 Viewpoint 3

University Ambassadors pose in front of the new hawk statue, given to the university by alumni.

PHOTO TAKEN by Monmouth Ambassadors

 09.26.18 Viewpoint 4

Executive board members of the Monmouth Real Estate Club attending the invitational golf outing. (From left: Bobby Jones, Nicole Cruz, Mitchel Pereira, and Carissa Clarke)

PHOTO COURTESY of Monmouth Real Estate Club