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New Beginnings

For as long as I can remember, September has been a time for me to start something new. This month marks the beginning of a new school year, providing a new chance for both students and faculty to explore opportunities for learning. 

If you are new to Monmouth, either as a freshman or as a transfer student, welcome to our family. As a new Hawk, you are joining a network of people that are helping you reach your academic goals and give you the necessary skills to engage in the world that lies beyond this campus. 

Within our small campus community, though, we are able to build strong relationships between students and faculty that can last a lifetime. No matter where you are on your journey at Monmouth, you will always be learning more about yourself. 

If you are a freshman, college is something new for you. I can remember my first week as a freshman. Transitioning to college while learning proper time management and financial responsibility, all while trying to make new friends can be overwhelming; but in the end, I became better for it. I learned how to be independent for the first time in my life, and really become confident in my abilities.

Go out and make friends, talk to new people. Remember, every freshman is as scared and as nervous as you are. 

If you are a transfer student, while college is not new to you, Monmouth is your new home. Whatever reason you came to Monmouth, either transferring from a two-year college or a four-year college, Monmouth is a good choice to finish your education and to further grow as an adult. You don’t have to be here right out of high school in order to take advantage of all that Monmouth has to offer. 

The possibilities are endless with clubs and organizations that help you hone in on your interests and advisors that help you acclimate to the campus life. No matter where you came from, we’re happy to have you. 

If you are a returning Hawk, you now have the experience and knowledge to move forward in your Monmouth career. Whether it be taking on a leadership role in a club, starting an internship or putting more focus and attention on your life after your time as an undergraduate, this is the time to move forward and start envisioning your future. With more classes focused on your area of study, you now have the chance to become more engaged in your skills and interests that will help you after your time at Monmouth. 

Now, as a senior, I get to experience college as an undergraduate one last time. Seniors, you have now completed three years. 

If you feel you didn’t get everything out of Monmouth that you were hoping, it doesn’t mean it is too late. If you want to play intramurals, go out and play.

If you want to join a club, go join. Just because you feel you didn’t do enough your first three years, doesn’t mean you can’t now. You always have a chance to rewrite your story.

For me, my final goal as a Hawk is to succeed as Editor-in-Chief of The Outlook. Since 1933, the Monmouth student-run newspaper has put out a weekly newspaper for everyone in the Monmouth community to read. Now, it’s my turn to lead a wonderful staff and put out a paper that I can be proud of.  

Each issue, I will learn from my staff, contributing writers, and  faculty advisor John Morano (a professor of journalism). After starting off as a contributing writer and staff writer my first year, then became Assistant Sports Editor my sophomore year, then Sports Editor my junior, and finally now Editor-in-Chief. I am excited to lead The Outlook this year, as I know that we will challenge ourselves to reach new heights. We always look forward to telling the stories of  Monmouth students like you, and celebrate the successes of our campus community. 

Since my first semester at The Outlook, I have learned from my peers and they have all molded me to become the writer, leader and person I am today. It’s important to try and do things that are outside of your comfort zone, because you never know how successful you’ll be at something if you don’t try. I hope that what we create inspires you to get out there, immerse yourself in the exciting world of Monmouth University, and make your time here memorable. 

Now, if you are a freshman or a senior or anything in between, let’s start off the new year right.

Do what you want to do. When you look back, rather than have it be just another year at Monmouth, make it a year that you’ll never forget. Leave your mark, and Fly Hawks.