11.14.18 Viewpoint 5

Campus Viewpoint 11-14-18

Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

 11.14.18 Viewpoint 5

Kelli Misenheimer


“I see myself married and with my first child on the way. I also see myself being a boss lady in the music industry field and winning a Grammy.”


 11.14.18 Viewpoint 6

Vincent Signorile


“In ten years, I see myself teaching in a classroom.”

 11.14.18 Viewpoint 7

Tara Ferejohn


“In ten years, I see myself as a happily married dog mom. Hopefully I’ll be working locally at a job I love, working with therapy animals!”

 11.14.18 Viewpoint 8

Jared Garcia


“Still living at home and hopefully having a job related to my field of interest, which is video production and maybe even freelancing.”

 11.14.18 Viewpoint 9

Andreas Christofi

Professor of Finance, Economics, and Real Estate

“In my model home traveling Southwest.”