Must Have Winter Wardrobe

Must-Haves for Every Winter Wardrobe

Now that the weather is growing colder, it is time to transition into our winter wardrobes. The key is to not sacrifice style for warmth, and these tips will help you find a balance.

While fall is ideal for lighter layers, like a denim jacket, New Jersey winters require a heavy coat. That being said, the stereotypical ski-coat is not your only option.

Some peacoats are heavily lined, and Old Navy had them on sale for only $25 this past week. Vests are another cute choice of outerwear. Kristine Simoes, a specialist professor of public relations, said, “My Old Navy puffy vest never fails me.”

Overcoats are also trendy right now; it is a great look to pair it with rolled up jeans and boots. You can go for a traditional neutral color, or something a little more fun like pink. H&M has a couple different options set at reasonable prices.

Another new coat trend for women is the teddy coat. It is as comfortable as it sounds – these coats will turn you into a giant teddy bear.

Most of them are made from Sherpa material, making you feel like you are wearing a blanket. Urban Outfitters has a cute style that is colorful and reversible for $79, which isn’t too expensive for something that you are bound to wear all winter long.

While jeans are timeless, if you’re willing to try something new, try a pair of pleated pants. A plaid or houndstooth design is perfect for the season, and it will effortlessly dress-up any outfit. This is a great winter look for both men and women.

Winter is sweater weather, but you do not always have to opt for the traditional cable knit look. Turtlenecks have made a comeback, and you can even use them for layering. For instance, girls can wear a turtleneck under a dress and pair it with knee-high boots. Oversized sweaters are also cozy and cute; with a pair of leggings and combat boots, an oversized sweater is a great choice for a long day of classes.

If you do not want to pack away your favorite t-shirts and tank tops, never underestimate the power of a cardigan or flannel. Guys and girls both look great in this style, and it can keep some of your summer pieces in your life.

Thermal tops are an alternative to sweaters that will still keep you warm and chic. Tilly’s has a fashion-forward men’s henley thermal for only $25.

Once you pick out the essentials, it is time to accessorize. Again, the emphasis in winter fashion needs to be on warmth. Allow your accessories to not only compliment your outfits but act as ways to keep Jack Frost away.

We all know the basics: hats, gloves, and scarves. But you do not need to pick out big, bulky, and basic styles. Make sure that even your accessories match your personality.

“My go-to winter fashion accessory is my big knit infinity scarf because it looks so cute with my outfits and keeps me super warm, which is always a plus,” said Claudia Ondecker, a senior software engineering student.

Infinity scarves seem to go with every outfit, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you can choose bold patterns to make an outfit pop. A leopard print or polka dots can turn any outfit from drab to fab.

Your options are also unlimited with a wide selection of hats. “Beanies are my favorite,” said Gianna Resciniti, a senior communication student.

 Plain beanies are always a solid choice, and pom-pom hats never fail to be adorable. The vintage-style fisherman hat is the latest trend that looks good on nearly anyone. You can wear it with any outfit, and you will instantly look more fashionable than you did before.

This winter, you can look ready for the runway from head-to-toe, even on below zero days. The switch from fall to winter is hard enough; do not say good-bye to Instagram-worthy outfits in the process. Remember that warm and stylish layers are essential to keep your looks practical and fashionable.

PHOTO TAKEN by Jenna Puglisi