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No-Shave November?

We are just at the beginning at No-Shave November and over the few years of popularity, we have seen men grow out their beards for a cause.

 With the years gone by though it seems like many men have forgotten the true meaning of no shave November and have turned it into a simple societal trend. What does it truly mean?

The official No-Shave November movement encourages men (and women) to donate the money they would have otherwise spent on shaving-related products and services to the American Cancer Society. If you are planning to donate, or just have fun with it, in the end there are two sides, beard lovers and people who have had enough with them.

Many women find a man with a beard to be even more attractive then when they were without one. The wearer of the beard makes them appear masculine, rustic, rugged, and giving a touch of lumberjack vibes. But beard-haters think the complete opposite.

When it comes to it, they say they are unkept, itchy, germ infested, and just overall distasteful. Yet, this gives a younger, baby face view. Personally speaking, I’m with the women who are suckers for a beard! Not saying that you have to have one, it’s just a plus.

Having upkept facial hair makes it all the better. It still makes your face a clean, rugged view to it.

Walking around campus, there are a few guys that do rock the bearded look as well as many others that support the clean shaven. There are also the men who are in the middle who prefer stubble better, but that’s even more less.

Being in the middle with stubble, or growing it out, maybe the easiest way to go. Viewing from a man’s perspective it could be a hassle to take out some time to shave your face, especially in a busy schedule. Barbershops can be quite expensive, depending where you go to get your hair cut.

Also giving it a little more time in between shaves has given some favor to women. Overall, the importance lies within the wearer, whether it be your preference on beard or no beard, what you feel comfortable with.

How men look .n a professional career setting or the career you want to have. If your job requires you to have a clean face, you have to go along with the rules.

But if in fact there are none and you are able to go about the way you want to, it’s totally up to your personal preference to play around with your style and what you feel most suits you better.

It’s always good to try something new, so if you have been debating on growing out some facial hair go for it! There’s really nothing to lose! This will just expand your style and maybe even give you some confidence alongside with it!