01.30.19 Viewpoint 5

Campus Viewpoint 01-30-19

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution? If so, what is it?

 01.30.19 Viewpoint 5

Deanna Dantas


“My resolution is to say no to people who I break my back for and say yes to opportunities.”


 01.30.19 Viewpoint 6

Christian Lombino


“No, I didn’t make any this year.”

 01.30.19 Viewpoint 7

Emily Marsh


“I’m trying to be better with my emails and get a job because I’m graduating.”

 01.30.19 Viewpoint 8

Nick Goranites


“No; new year, same me.”

 01.30.19 Viewpoint 9

Chris McKittrick

Assistant Director of Counseling and Psychological Services

“I’m doing the Whole 30 Program, and I’m on day 21.”