Winter Workout Tips

Winter Workout Tips

Working out during the winter can be very challenging when it is really cold outside and all you want to do is lay in bed.

One thing you should do to get adjusted to the cold weather is to try and push yourself to do a quick warm up inside first.

 This can be beneficial because when you then go outside, you will already be warmed up and ready to go.

Two junior health studies students that work as personal trainers on campus gave their input.

Mike Kraft said, “As the weather starts to get colder and colder, it is important to warm up before working out to help prevent any injuries when working out.” Many people do not think that something as small as this can cause an injury, but it is something that can be easily avoided.

Joe Chiusano, another personal trainer, gave some advice. Chiusano said, “Most people don’t realize but if you go for a run outdoors in the winter you can actually face the risk of overheating. When it’s cold you immediately think to put on layers of clothes to get warm and then go out for your run.”

The problem is, once you start running your body temperature rises.

He continued, “In reality, you should put on enough layers that will keep you warm enough while running, but not cause you to sweat too much and exert too much heat.”

Another factor is to wear a lot of layers so that when you do workout outside, your body can adapt to the temperature.

Having good quality workout clothes will make a big difference when it is time to go workout.

A tip that may also be helpful for some people is to find a gym partner. Going to the gym alone can sometimes be boring, but having a gym buddy can be more motivating to us.

Also, if you want to avoid the cold and you have any exercise machines in your home, take advantage of that.

It will really help keep you in shape so that when it is time to get back outside, you already built up your endurance.

Although sometimes working out in the winter is tough, you have to try and talk yourself into working out.

Taking at least 20 minutes each day just to do a little workout of some sort will make you feel good inside.

Working out can be very beneficial for your mental health too. Having a routine can set you and your body on a positive path.

Chris Hirschler, Chair of the Health and Physical Education said, “It’s important to walk or run all year round. Most people sit far too much that negatively affects their health and mood.”

He added, “Don’t let 20-degree temperatures or snow dissuade you. Don’t ask yourself if you feel like exercising- schedule it and go for it. You’ll be happy you did!”

Even though the wintertime brings us the muggy and cold days, working out does not always have to be an outside activity.

Continuing your workout in the winter can better prepare you for the spring. Working out can happen both indoors and outdoors, so give it a chance and get out there to better yourself.

PHOTO TAKEN by Cassandra Capozzi-Smith