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Your Guide to Record Store Day

For record collectors, Christ­mas is right around the corner. Record Store Day (RSD), which is celebrated at local record stores around the globe, will take place on Saturday, April 13.

RSD was first held in 2008 to encourage people to shop at their local record stores through ex­clusive releases from artists big and small.

In its first year, RSD didn’t at­tract too many big names.

However, over time, it seems like every major artist young and old have something to offer for RSD.

Whether it’s a ’45 single of “Rocky Ground” from Bruce Springsteen or a cassette tape of N.W.A.’s Straight Outta Comp­ton from years past, artists from different backgrounds come together to celebrate one of mu­sic’s greatest institutions.

Just because it’s called RSD doesn’t mean that artists must re­lease records. Artists can release their exclusives through any medi­um they wish, like CDs, cassettes, or even 8-tracks.

When an artist comes out with a RSD release, it’s usually a single or b-side you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Therefore, you may see lines go on for blocks with collectors foam­ing at the mouth.

I’ve been attending RSD since 2012. There are some years I skip because the stock isn’t too ripe, but this year is a must go.

Here are some of the releases that many will try to snag for their vinyl collections on April 13:

Elvis Costello, Purse ’12 EP

British rock legend and father of the 80’s new wave will join The Imposters in a EP release with four songs. Each song features a lyrical collaboration with a famous artist like Burt Bacharach, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, and Paul McCartney.

Billy Joel, Live from Carnegie Hall 1977 2 x LP

Before heading to the studio to release one of the greatest albums all time, The Stranger, Billy Joel wrapped up a tour at New York’s Carnegie Hall that featured a live orchestra.

At this concert, Joel played three then un-released songs that would become staples in his discography: “Just the Way You Are,” “She’s Got a Way,” and “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant.”

Madonna, “La Isla Bonita – Super Mix” and “True Blue (Su­per Club Mix)” ’12 Singles

The pop icon will give two of her exclusive Japan releases the RSD treatment. Both singles are on color vinyl and feature a Japa­nese OBI strip.

Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody Picture Disc 2 x LP

Everyone’s favorite biopic and Oscar nominee for Best Picture will have its ferocious soundtrack released on a double picture disc.

Mark Ronson, “Nothing Breaks the Heart” ’12 Single

The hit song features Miley Cyrus and the record will come with two remixes; need I say more?

Elton John, Live from Mos­cow 2 x LP

This year marks the 40th anni­versary of Elton John’s first tour to Russia. The rock legend was the first western artist to perform in the country and the LP features this historical concert.

Various Artists, Sharp Ob­jects (Music from the HBO Lim­ited Series) 2 x LP

Last year’s acclaimed limited series starring Amy Adams will have its OST pressed on a double vinyl set. There are plenty of other TV shows and movies who will re­lease their OSTs for RSD.

Weezer, Dusty Gems and Raw Nuggets ’12 EP and Weezer (Teal Album) LP

It’s been quite a busy year for the alternative pop rock group. Prior to the release of their disappoint­ing Black Album last month, the band dropped a surprise album of covers called The Teal Album. It featured stellar covers of hits like TLC’s “No Scrubs,” and a-ha’s “Take on Me.” We’ll see The Teal Album in full LP form this RSD.

The band will also release Dusty Gems and Raw Nuggets on a ’12 blue color disc. It’s a collection of b-sides and mixes from their best album, 1994’s Blue Album.

The collection has been avail­able for quite some time on CD, but it will finally be available for vinyl junkies.

Considering there are so many great releases prepared for RSD, it’s important to be prepared if you want to get the exclusives you want. Each year, the lines keep getting longer and longer.

Also, not everyone in the line is looking to add the records to their collections; there are plenty of flippers who will buy the RSD releases, then sell them on eBay for a quick profit.

You have to enter into Black Friday mode to get your goods.

First, call your local record store and ask if they may have the exclusives you are interested in. If they do, get in line at least 10 hours before the store opens.

Sure, it sounds crazy but if you wait any longer, you will get further down the line, which will take hours to get into the store.

By the time you get in, your records may not be there and time would’ve been wasted.

Have a happy RSD!


PHOTOS TAKEN from (left to right) PNG Mart,, and LGB People Wiki-Wikia