You’ll Go Delusional Over Eliza & The Delusionals

Eliza & The Delusionals, an Australian-based indie-rock band, has been taking over the radio waves. Every song in their discography begs the question: how are they not the biggest band in the world yet?

Led by frontwoman Eliza Klatt, the band got its start in 2015 and is now gaining some serious momentum.

One of their latest singles, “Just Exist,” has become a pop­ular member of the Alt Nation Critical Cut on Sirius XM. The track also landed the top spot on the Alt 18 Countdown sev­eral weeks in a row.

It may be because the track is playing every time I turn on my car, or it may be because Klatt’s energy is instantly infectious, but I’m addicted to this song.

After reaching out to the band via Instagram, Klatt was kind enough to chat and comment on the meaning behind the single.

“The idea behind the lyrics of “Just Exist” was the balance of feeling depressed, but also feel­ing inspired by those sad feel­ings. Without those feelings, I would plainly just exist,” Klatt said.

“It was one that when we re­corded it in the studio, we really felt that it had something special about it compared to anything else we’ve recorded,” Klatt con­tinued.

The idea that pain is a neces­sary part of living is universally relatable. Even if the lyrics are a little melancholy, the guitar-heavy song calls for happily screaming along to the lyrics. It radiates with a golden quality that is guaranteed to make you hit the repeat button.

Delusional 2When Klatt sings, “If I could just exist without you, I would just exist,” I get chills every time. The song stands out as one of the band’s strongest tracks, but it’s still difficult to choose a favorite.

Eliza & The Delusionals has a polished garage-rock vibe. Their sound can be compared to The 1975 (circa their self-titled debut album), Catfish and the Bottle­men, and Paramore.

The band takes this alt-rock influence and effortlessly sprin­kles in hints of pop. Klatt’s vo­cals are sweet but have a punch, and she doesn’t really sound like anyone who has come before her. I can envision their set fit­ting in perfectly at local music festivals, such as Firefly or Sea. Hear.Now.

In recent years, 5 Seconds of Summer has been our biggest Aussie invasion, but Eliza & The Delusionals has the right formu­la to take that title as their own.

The “The Deeper End” EP is five tracks of pure heaven, with “Cigarette” being the most like­ly to get stuck in your head.

“Half Empty Girl,” a 2018 single, is worthy of being in every alternative playlist. It’s the kind of song that needs to be blasting as you drive around with your windows down, em­bracing the final days of warm weather. This line in the chorus is absolutely killer: “I don’t feel the way I used to. I don’t know you like I want to.”

“Pull Apart Heart,” one of their newest tracks, further so­lidifies the promise that their upcoming album is going to be my next obsession.

Eliza & The Delusionals also has a skill for making memo­rable visuals to accompany their music. Puppies are the stars of the “Jackie” music video, and “Salt” is edited with a vintage VCR effect.

I’m hoping that their full-length LP will be a continu­ation of the unique presence they’ve already created.

With attention from radio stations and Spotify playlists, Eliza & The Delusionals is bound to see a well-deserved increase in their fanbase.

According to their Spotify page, they are “one of the most exciting groups to emerge from the Gold Coast.” I think it’s time for the Gold Coast to come to the East Coast!

It was recently announced that Eliza & The Delusionals have been signed to a US agen­cy, APA. The agency is home to artists like 50 Cent, Aly & AJ, and Blondie. This huge deal should secure some US tour dates in the future.

“We’ve had such an overwhelming amount of support from the US, and we are so excited to tour over there,” Klatt shared.

Eliza & The De­lusionals is currently setting out on a fall tour around Australia, and I’m ready to buy my tickets for any future US dates. There is no doubt that the success of “Just Exist” is just the beginning.

IMAGE TAKEN from The Industry Observer – The Brag