Glaze Glory Donut

Glaze of Glory: How Donut-Making Fills My Creativity

Donuts, seemingly overnight, have become a bigger part of my life than most would imagine. Since I’ve started working at Broad Street Dough Co., donuts have become a creative outlet, and much more than a snack.

There is so much more that goes into donut-making than most would assume. From mixing the dough to box, the multistep process ensues.

Donut dough comes in many shapes and forms, but I have become most familiar with a cake donut. This means there is no yeast, and so there is no extreme rising. The dough itself has a completely different process.

After the water is measured and the dough is mixed, each donut plops into the fryer and is pushed along a conveyor as it cooks and takes its perfect shape. A fresh donut is guaranteed, as this process is never-ending from open to close. With over five different dough flavors, 14 different glazes, and endless toppings, the possibilities are never-ending for any donut lover.

With each golden donut falling from the fryer comes a blank slate—a canvas for frosting and toppings. Each and every order is completed in the present time with the utmost freshness. Customers get to experience a selection of over 35 regular menu items and countless specials with the most creative combinations. Each donut has its own personality.

Every topping offers a different experience and mouth feel. Glazes are smooth and soft with good flavor. Rainbow sprinkles add a slight crunch but flow well with each bite. Peanuts, pretzels, cereals, and toasted coconut easily add crunch every bite. Caramel with sea salt, Bavarian cream, and cannoli cream offer some ways to satisfy the sweet tooth that many come for.

Katiana Methfessel, a junior fine arts student, hopes to bring her artistry to the realm of donuts. Having just applied to Broad Street Dough Co., she said, “I’m a very hands-on person, so being able to engage with people and have the ability to produce what we sell is incredibly important to me.”

Working at this donut shop, I create a new experience for those who relish in this delicious dessert. Donuts often get a bad rap for not being the healthiest of food options. However, the inclusivity of donuts range from gluten free to vegan options. I have given countless customers their first donut due to their allergies and dietary restrictions.

Alyssa Bogan, a junior health studies student, said, “It just makes it more accessible for people with restrictions because desserts are usually the first thing to go when you get diagnosed with an intolerance or allergy. I’ve never been able to have donuts before I heard about this place.”

The best part of making donuts is getting to share them with friends. Custom donuts have become a huge part of holiday dinners, weddings, baby showers, birthdays, and more. When custom colors are involved, there is no shortage of creative freedom. It’s a form of expression for me with endless possibilities.

Glazes and sprinkles are more than just toppings. They are what tie in a theme—whether it’s pink hearts for Valentine’s Day or team colors for the Superbowl. No matter the theme, the vibrant decorations have a way of complementing the flow and ambiance of a room. Donuts create a community and bring people together, which is a very special thing. They take the cake at every event.

Donuts aren’t the only dessert that offers impeccable creative freedom. For example, the Magill Commons Dining Hall features a cake of the day adorned with cute, unique themes.

When you walk into Broad Street Dough Co., you are hit with the smell of sugar immediately. There is music blaring, and you see a wall full of pictures of every menu item.

When you turn around, you’ll see a counter of specials. Behind that counter is employees who have mastered the craft of donut-making, working their hardest to deliver an experience of the senses.

Located in Oakhurst, just a little more than two miles from campus, it has become a place for Monmouth students to revel in the sweetness of the best dessert.

Upon walking into the store, an employee will say to you, “Hi, how are you? Have you ever been here before? Do you have any questions? Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you!”

And with that, your nerves will lessen. There will be more ease with ordering, and the big menu that once seemed scary becomes a playground of flavors where the fun begins.

PHOTO TAKEN by Cameron Oakley