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Bella and Edward Return In Midnight Sun

The year of 2005 created a divide between who was Team Edward and who was Team Jacob, thanks to Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series. The borderline between teen romance and obsession was tested. The fandom around a vampire-human love story blossomed.

Now, 15 years later, Stephanie Meyer has returned, publishing the fifth novel of the Twilight saga, coined Midnight Sun.

However, this book has a little twist that many die-hard fans may not be expecting.

Despite the four previous books in the series, Midnight Sun is now told from Edward’s perspective rather than Bella’s. Meyer did an incredible job of retelling a story that fans have been encapsulated with, without making it seem drawnout or overdone.

Readers and fans see a more intimate side of Edward and his infatuation with Bella than they ever have before. From first glance, to the first words spoken to one another, Edward’s internal feelings are both invigorating and unnerving, all same time.

This book, in many ways, is darker than the others. Meyer added to Edward’s story by involving a storyline fans were deprived of from the past series; the challenges from his past upbringing as a vampire faced, as well as his inner demons attempting to accept what is.

Readers will now understand some of the past experiences of his family through the centuries of their immortality, and more of what it meant to be a vampire, and less of the life of portraying a high-school aged teen who is desperate for normality, but no detail of why. This novel is deeper than the cliché vampire meets girl, vampire wants to bite girl, and, you know the rest.

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The Twilight books were made into a film franchise with our favorite human and vampire lovers. Starring Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen and Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, five movies were spawned, unraveling the love story of our young lovers.

Meyer also captured the immediate adoration Edward had for Bella. Fans always knew, and some yearned to have somewhat of admiration that deep, but having his own feelings told from his own mind and perspective, well, that just filled in the gaps ten times more.

The immense protectiveness Edward felt committed towards Bella is expressed through a whole new light. This is the furthest thing from a normal love story.

He grapples with the conflict of either loving her and putting her life in danger from both himself option is impossible. But, is the other option permanently obtainable? Meyer does a remarkable job of enveloping the struggle Edward is pinned against, and explaining his side through the most honest and raw of ways.

This saga is nothing short of empowering, relatable, and allowing your imagination to run wild. Whether you loved Twilight or not, whether you read it or not, you will not want to put Midnight Sun down.

Relive the drama and suspense, just in time for Halloween. Enjoy sinking your teeth into this one the first chance you get!

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