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Library Pick-up

The University has taken steps to maintain accessibility to learning and study resources at the Guggenheim Memorial Library.

The University has begun implementing new guidelines regarding its facilities in order to mitigate COVID-19 spread. Although other indoor facilities will be closed, the Guggenheim Library will remain available with adjustments in place to lower the risk of infection.

Library staff have also introduced a no-contact book pickup service, removing the need to enter the building in order to check out a book. Students will be now able to request a book, and a staff member will then deliver the book to the student outside. In addition, the library will be operating at 25 percent of its max capacity in order to encourage adherence to safety guidelines.

University Librarian Kurt Wagner, referring to the library’s new COVID-19 policies, said, “We plan to be open for students to come in, in lower numbers and with safe distance. But we completely understand that they need a place to study and do research, and we want the library to continue to be that place.” Wagner also expressed his wish that throughout the upcoming semester students continue to “take care of each other” by practicing social distancing and limiting group sizes.

PHOTO COURTESY of Monmouth University