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The Outlook Welcomes you Back!

I am thrilled to give a warm welcome back to all Monmouth students, faculty, and staff!

It feels so good to be back after the abrupt transition to remote learning last semester. As we step into another semester here at Monmouth University, things are looking a bit different.

With this new school year brings many obstacles that we’ve never encountered before. We’re starting a school year wearing masks, social distancing, and taking untraditional online classes.

Freshmen, you are facing some unprecedented challenges, being the first group of students to begin college during the pandemic. You’ve had a challenging end to your senior year of high school. You might be worrying about things like navigating campus, making friends, managing online classes, and getting involved with clubs and organizations.

But this next chapter of your life at Monmouth University will be something to look forward to. Make the most of your next four years. Get involved any way you can in the organizations you are interested in. Reach out to other students who share your interests. Put all your effort into your classes; it will be worth it in the end.

Monmouth’s faculty will be a great help as you navigate campus life—now, and until your senior year. I am grateful for the advice and guidance my professors have given me throughout my college career, especially with internships and letters of recommendation.

Transitions are never easy, especially during this time, but it’s important to maintain a positive mindset. Remember that you are capable of so much more than you think. Give it your all.

Returning students, look at this year as an opportunity to do something new. Get out of your comfort zone. Download the new “Experience Monmouth” app to get involved in clubs, organizations, events, and activities you’ve never thought to join before. There’s still plenty to do, either remotely or on campus, this semester.

Joining clubs will also open the door to valuable work experience. My involvement with The Outlook led me to an internship at the Asbury Park Press this past summer, a learning experience that I will never forget.

When I first started writing for The Outlook my second week of freshman year, I was unsure what to expect. Being in an unfamiliar environment with new people can be nerve-wracking. But I followed my interests, jumped right into the newsroom, and never looked back. I wrote articles almost every week, and became Features Editor my junior year.

Now, as a senior, I’m thrilled to assume the role of Editor-in-Chief. The Outlook has allowed me to grow as a student and as a person; it taught me to meet deadlines, manage my time and my workload, communicate effectively, get out of my comfort zone, and work as a team with a terrific news staff.

The Outlook has become a staple in my college career. Seeing my name attached to articles I put all my hard work into is always a gratifying feeling. The skills that college teaches you will become an asset as you progress through life and your future career.

At a time when misinformation can spread like a virus, truth and fairness in news is needed the most. At The Outlook, we are committed to continuing these virtues our newspaper has held since 1933.

With a team of talented writers and editors, we will strive to carry our mantra, “Be fair and tell the truth.” I look forward to continuing the success of our award-winning newspaper.

This is no doubt an unconventional semester, but Hawks Fly Together. Our Monmouth community knows how to stay strong. Live your life moment by moment, and things will be back to normal before we know it. Together, we will prevail.

PHOTO COURTESY of Monmouth University