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Blue Hawk Records Artist of the Week: Abigail Garcia

Every artist remembers the moment they were destined to follow their passion for music. For Abigail Garcia, it was 13 years ago, singing along at a Hannah Montana concert.

“I think this was the first recollection I have of me singing,” she said. “That’s when I knew I needed to get involved with music.”

Now, as a freshman music student, Garcia will be headed to Lakehouse Recording Studio in Asbury Park with the Blue Hawk Records team to record the first song she will ever release. Titled “Silver Lining,” the song borrows from the indie-pop sound of artists she is influenced by, such as Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Harry Styles. Written in April during quarantine, it details her experience with the beginning of the pandemic.

She said, “It’s focusing in on what I would consider the silver linings of my life during the pandemic. I was a senior [in high school] so it was really unfortunate, but the perks of it was getting to spend more time with my family.”

In high school, Garcia was involved with her high school’s choir and school of rock club, which she described as, “the moment my whole life morphed into music.” And, at eight years old, she began doing recitals and shows at a performing arts program called Gateway to the Arts.

Although Garcia has been writing music since her freshman year of high school, working with Blue Hawk Records to develop and record her song is a brand new step in her musical journey. “I’ve never put out music before, so I’m kind of going with the flow,” she said. “I was just scared of being judged, so I never really finished a song. This is the first song I really felt good about to share with other people.”

Garcia sees working with Blue Hawk Records as an opportunity to grow as a singer, musician, and performer. She said, “Part of the reason this is only my first song is that I’m finally just becoming better at keyboard, and it’s hard to finish a song when you can’t play an instrument that fluently.” Along with developing her keyboarding skills, Garcia hopes to gain some experience with guitar as well, since music has always served as a creative outlet for her.

She said, “When I write, it’s usually to express myself or get out feelings that I’ve been going through. And a lot of the time, it’s about relationships. That’s what comes easiest to me.”

Outside of Blue Hawk Records, Garcia hopes to join a sorority and get involved with theatre at Monmouth, something she dabbled in during her high school years as well. In fact, she would describe herself as someone who is open-minded. “I jump into any opportunity I can get,” she said. “I feel like I get really passionate about anything that I do.”

In the future, Garcia hopes to continue writing and releasing music, and finds interest in the management side of the industry as well.

“My whole life kind of revolves around music,” she said. “I’m a freshman, so I wasn’t expecting to get this opportunity this early on, but I’m really excited that I did.”


PHOTO COURTESY of Abigail Garcia