Protecting Our Planet
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Protecting Our Planet: Why Earth Day is Important

On April 22, Earth Day is celebrated around the globe as a way to honor Mother Earth, and to show support for environmental protection. The holiday was first held in the 1970s, and has since become an annual commemoration celebrated by nearly 1 billion people in over 90 countries.

While for some, Earth Day is celebrated once a year, but for many Earth lovers, it is observed every day. One editor said, “Everyday definitely should be Earth Day, especially as we learn more information about the ongoing climate crisis that’s become continually more out of hand and irreparable.

Another editor said that she celebrates Earth Day everyday by working to maintain a lower carbon footprint. Similarly, another editor said that she celebrates the Earth on a daily basis by recycling, refraining from littering, and investing in eco-friendly products.

Given the increase in information on the worsening condition of the Earth’s climate, sustainability has become a large topic, and prompted many people around the globe to make major lifestyle changes.

For editors at The Outlook, this looks a lot like recycling and using reusable products. One editor said that he sorts recyclables, and even eliminates unnecessary driving. He said, “It’s important to practice sustainability because we can only push the Earth’s buttons so far before the damage is too strong for us to reverse it.”

Another editor said that sustainability can even help improve air quality, making communities healthier in the long run.

One editor noted that things like recycling is a community effort, and that more people should be taking the initiative to reduce their carbon footprint to protect the Earth.

“To help the Earth, I recycle anything that can be recycled,” the editor said. “However, a lot of people ignore the signs on bins around campus. For example, they mix regular trash with the recycling, or vice versa. Sometimes, it doesn’t even make it into the trash bins. I have literally picked up other people’s trash off campus before, because I don’t want it to make its way to our beautiful Long Branch oceans.”

The editor also said that they are concerned about the state of the planet if people do not take the effort in protecting it. “If we don’t take care of the Earth, there will be drastic consequences. Think pollution, which leads to long-term health concerns such as lung problems. Also, global warming causes rising sea levels due to the melting icebergs, which has been increasing year after year.”

Earth Day is also a day to appreciate all of the diverse landscapes that can be found worldwide, and take time to relish in nature. One editor said that he particularly enjoys walking around and making note of different ecosystems that can thrive without human behavior.

He said, “You really can’t forget how we’re just cogs in this giant machine that works with or without us.” Other editors said that they enjoy beach going, swimming and walking.

Whether you’ll be celebrating Earth Day by participating in a beach clean-up or sorting recyclables, it’s important to remember that we only get one Earth, and it is essential that we treat it with love, care and respect!