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Was Two Days of Spring Break Enough?

Since Monmouth readjusted their Spring schedule due to COVID-19 travel and safety rules, students only had two “Spring Break” days this semester; one Monday in March and one Friday in April. With the absence of an actual seven-day long Spring Break, this left many Monmouth students disappointed. One student even orchestrated a petition to get Monmouth officials to change their minds in hopes of offering Monmouth a full week-long spring break.

Spring break is a time to unwind, practice leisurely activities, and overall recover from the challenges that come with being a student. The past three semesters have been strenuous for college students since the pandemic hit, especially with the obstacles that come with both virtual learning and being a young adult. With most of the editors being seniors ready to graduate, many of them felt strongly about this year’s “Spring break”.

All of the editors agreed that Monmouth’s Spring break decision was justifiable due to reducing the spread of COVID-19.

One editor said, “Although I would have preferred a week-long spring break to relax and/or catch up on work, I do agree with Monmouth’s decision to include the two break days instead. Hopefully, it prevented people from traveling. If people caught covid during a spring break trip, came back to Monmouth, and spread it, then cases could have risen drastically.”

Another editor said, “I would say I agree with it because I understand their reasoning. Ever since that off campus super spreader event that happened last semester, Monmouth is clearly in no rush to encourage kids to travel in groups with their friends and return back to the campus community. No spring break helps discourage kids from going out.”

Although the editors agreed that it was a smart move to exclude a seven-day spring break to reduce the spread of COVID-19, many of them felt as if the two break days simply weren’t enough.

One editor said, “I honestly spent those two days catching up on homework assignments and working. As a first semester senior with a heavy workload and extracurricular responsibilities like clubs and internships. I wish this day could’ve been more restful.”

Another editor expressed that the break days did not affect them since they did not have class on Mondays or Fridays anyways.

With that being said, many of the editors have been looking for an escape from all of the work and responsibilities that come with being a student.

One editor said, “I feel extremely burnt out. Assignments keep piling up, especially in these next few weeks as finals get closer. I feel like I should be enjoying the last few weeks of my senior year, but instead I’m just looking forward to finishing the semester so that I can actually have some free time before I start grad school.”

Another editor felt a similar way about feeling burnt out. They said, “I am more burnt out than ever this semester. I am losing any and all motivation and am counting days until the summer. I can’t wait to rest and take a mental break! With classes online and taking upper level courses, this semester has been a challenge to say the least, and I am ready to decompress and relax.”

If given the opportunity to have a full seven-day spring break, many of them would have spent it doing leisurely activities, catching up on assignments, and/or spending time with their friends and loved ones.

One editor said, “I would have spent it at home with my immediate family, who are located on Long Island. Getting home during a school week or weekend is hard due to the traffic/commute, and my work/class schedule, so an opportunity to get home and spend a week and really be able to just enjoy it would have been very nice. I am very close with my family, so not being able to spend that week with them was very difficult.”

Other editors said that they would enjoy doing leisurely activities that they don’t have much time to do anymore, such as playing video games, watching TV shows, or playing music.

The spring break days offered a safer alternative to mitigating the spread of the coronavirus. However, a full seven-day spring break would have offered students the much-needed opportunity to catch their breath from the academic and personal struggles of being a student. Hopefully, next year, students will get to experience the spring break they deserve with more and more individuals getting vaccinated.


PHOTO COURTESY of Monmouth University