New Changes to Campus

Our campus has seen a lot of changes this fall, most of which we hope to forget. However, our University has announced a Grounds Improvement Initiative that aims to repurpose campus spaces into a more student-centric direction.

Some of the changes include a new coffee bar in the Great Hall, a new occupational therapy sensory lab for the School of Nursing & Health Studies, as well as a slew of others.

An editor remarked that a lot of the choices were “really well thought out, and will make a great, positive impact on the campus community.” They consider the changes to be an excellent jumping-off point to make the campus more social. The same editor enjoys the new Great Hall amenities the most, as they find it “an inspiring place to study, and being able to work and grab my caffeine fix at the same time,” has sold them.

A second editor agrees with the first’s sentiments. “In all honesty, the improvements showcased in the President’s campus announcement were practical and much needed,” they said. “Especially the renovations in Great Hall; the Great Hall has so much unused capital and it’s a great use of its potential.”

The same editor complimented the University’s decision to spread the new additions out to all departments. “I am happy to see the resources being distributed across different areas on campus, not just one to two specific departments,” they said.

A third editor commented on the new sensory lab. “I think this is a wonderful addition,” they said. “You can tell the University was thinking outside of the box. I like that they appear to have asked each department what they need, specifically.”

A fourth editor echoed those statements.

“It seems that each update and addition is personalized to the needs of each location that its within. It must feel good for those departments to be heard after making the request.”

The same editor commented again, hoping the University will “continue this path of putting student needs first and making the right decisions when it comes to the happiness of everyone on campus.”

Updates to campus have been in the works for a long time, and we at the Outlook are happy to see such long lasting plans begin their development.

With all the recent COVID related changes on campus, at least a change has arrived that will permanently increase the joy of each member of our campus community. We can’t wait to see what exciting changes come next.