Professors United for Safe Haven (P.U.S.H.) Commits to Supporting The LGBTQIA+ Community at MU

We, the undersigned faculty of Monmouth University, strongly support the LGBTQIA+ community. We recognize our role in ensuring all people feel welcomed and accepted on Monmouth University’s campus. We are dedicated to providing a safe physical and intellectual space for all of our community members.

We recognize the longstanding history of change makers and brave people who have paved the way for the LGBTQIA+ rights and freedoms that exist in our nation and around the world. We know these individuals include people of many races, ethnicities, creeds, and classes, and that their contributions are often overlooked and rendered invisible. We raise them up.

We know there is so much more to be done, and we commit to doing our part. We invite everyone to join us and we will accept invitations to join others’ efforts.

We encourage students to study the complexities of how power, oppression, and equity impact our lives. We note that many courses, such as those offered by the Program in Gender and Intersectionality Studies Minor, are designed to help our community take informed action toward equity.

We encourage everyone to stay connected to the good works of our community partners – including the Intercultural Center, student clubs such as PRIDE (formerly SPECTRUM) and the student Program for Gender and Intersectionality Studies Club. We extend our appreciation to the Counseling and Psychological Services staff for supporting our students and being strong advocates.

We are Professors United for Safe Haven (P.U.S.H.). We will PUSH Back on behalf of our LGBTQIA+ community.


Patrick Leahy, President
Pamela Scott-Johnson, Provost
Randall Abate
Jason Adolf
Melissa Alvare
Steven Bachrach
Colleen Beach
Heidi Bludau
Kris Bluemel
Stephanie Bobbitt
Karen Bright
Susan Bucks
Kimberly Callas
Kenneth Campbell
Stephen J. Chapman
Michael Chattalas
Manuel Chávez
Michael Cronin
Denise Crowley
Jon Daigle
Pedram Daneshgar
Rekha Datta
Anne Deepak
Hillary DelPrete
Patricia Dempsey
Christopher DeRosa
Debbie Didraw-Hertz
Lisa M. Dinella
Donna M. Dolphin
Kelly Donnelly
Maureen Dorment
Sharon Dornemann
Staci Drewson
Catherine N. Duckett
Corey Dzenko
Heide Estes
Cassandra Figueroa
Christine Forbes
David Julius Ford, Jr.
Johanna Foster
Geoff Fouad
Priscilla Gac-Artigas
Andrea Garcia
Elizabeth Gilmartin-Keating
Cathleen Givney
Jamie L. Goodwin
Beth Gough
Alena Graedin
Brian Greenberg
Nicole Halliwell
Adam Heinrich
Martin Hicks
Chris Hirschler
Andrea Hope
Jeffrey Jackson
Ai Kamei
Jeanne Koller
Wobbe Koning
Lynn Kraemer-Siracusa
Jeremy Lackman
Gina LaMandre
Cheryl Leiningen
Gary Lewandowski
Dottie Lobo
Patrick Love
Tony MacDonald
Alison Maginn
Robin Mama
Susan H. Marshall
Anne Marie Mauro
Jen McGovern
Lindsay R. Mehrkam
Susan Meyer
Nancy Mezey
Joe Mosca
Jaime L. Myers
Brooke Nappi
Judith L. Nye
Debra Pachucki
Tina R. Paone
Pauline Papapietro
Katherine Parkin
John Patro
Thomas Pearson
Nguyen Pham
Meghan Phihfer-Rixey
Michael Phillips-Anderson
Nicole Pulliam
Sanjana Ragudaran
Joe Rapolla
Maryanne Rhett
Scott Richards
Kerry Carley Rizzuto
Anna Sadovnikova
Julie Schaaff
Karen Schmelzkopf
William Schreiber
Patricia Sciscione
Michelle Scott
Nicholas F. Sewitch
Deanna Shoemaker
Katelyn Snyder
Sean Sterrett
Amanda Stojanov
Claude E. Taylor
Marie Mele Thomas
Michele Van Volkom
Richard Veit
Marina Vujnovic
Jeff Weisberg
Courtney Wright-Werner
Sandra Zak